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Look how can you apply the 32 version patch in order to fix the crash at the begining

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The 32 version path is quite simple to apply.

-First Download it from our download section
-After you downloaded it, go to the Infernal Underground folder (this should be C:\Program Files\HeXentic Games\Infernal Underground and into the bin folder replace the file.
-After that just use the batch file to play Infernal Underground

After that you will need the following dll's:
libgcc_s_dw2-1.dll and libstdc++-6.dll

To get that go to donwload page and download the "Missing Dll's (x86 users)" and copy them into bin folder

And that is... hope you enjoyed it...

Oh if you want to just use the 32 bit version (if you are a 64 bit user who wants to use the 32 version) just change the batch file deleting this section:

IF /I "&#xPR;OCESSOR_ARCHITECTURE%" == "amd64" (
set SAUER_BIN=bin64
IF /I "&#xPR;OCESSOR_ARCHITEW6432%" == "amd64" (
set SAUER_BIN=bin64

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