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This is a tutorial about new interesting and useful animations, which you can use in the Movie Duels!

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1. Taunts, gloats, victory poses...

Not everyone knows that Jedi Academy is hiding few secret animations. The basic ones are these to express heroe's "emotions". There are five of them - taunt, gloat, victory, bow and meditate. Since BETA2 you can set keys for them in the Controls menu.

An example is the famous Obi-Wan's gloat animation from Revenge of the Sith that we have animated:

Obi-Wan's gloat animation Obi-Wan's gloat animation

2. Sith jump

Another pretty animation is Palpatine's Sith jump. You have to choose Darth Sidious', Palpatine's or Dooku's model and press this combination of buttons:
W (forward) + hold SPACE (jump) and release W mid-air while still holding SPACE button. This won't work if you hold JUMP for too long!

Sith jump

3. KATA moves

Every saberstyle (blue, yellow, red) has own "kata move". Regular JA players know these special attacks well but I think it is neccesary to show it to beginners too. It is powerful combat sequence that can do your opponent great damage. You activate it by pressing both LEFT and RIGHT MOUSE buttons at the same time. You must have at least 50 FP (force points). Our kata animations are also sometimes edited by our animator so it looks more like in movie. For example Anakin's trademark special attack:

Anakin's kata move

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Hello so i love movie duels and animations but i love the regular jka gameplay as well is there a way to sort of extract some of the features we all know and love from Movie duels and put them inside of vanilla jk, sort of like a movie duels features and animations mod for clean jka? If not just asking happy modding!

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Tompa9 Author
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Hi! It is possible but each model has to have new animations assigned. There are numerous set of animations for Yoda, Kylo Ren, Obi-Wan, Windu, Palpatine etc etc... so you would need to edit each model in base game and decide which set of animations you want for them.

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Guest - - 687,512 comments

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