AMX2DX Tutorial! How to register on our Half-Life Server

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Many of you people had problems with registering on the server when its online while AMX2DX was running! Its accualy VERY easy to register! I always say to you people how to register but you dont understand so i show you a more simple way! First you may need a USGN accaunt in CS2D so that AMX2DX can detect your acc. second is that it will help US protect YOU from getting your acc. stolen! if you dont have a USGN acc. go to this website ------> and register an acc. After that go in CS2D and login in USGN! After you have logged in and joined our server you must join a team and then type this in the chat " !register Username Password " Warning! Dont use space on your nick or password becouse AMX2DX can register it the wrong way! Example: !register "User Name Password" then AMX2DX Will make your nick User as your nick and Name as your password wich can lead to problems! After you have registerd on the server you must login! its very easy just type " !login Username Password " Warning! Dont use space or it wont let you login! " After you logged in you are an official user of AMX2DX and Half-Life Server! Hope i helped!


is your server-name AMX2DX?

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roster312 Author

its name is Half-Life

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