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adding a lil background music to a vanilla stock map (or custom one) in doom 3

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1-locate the map you wanna add music too,
example the popular Lost facility map by BJA, now locate the "", theres others in there ending with .cm, .script etc but we only wanna focus on the ".map" file,
now scroll all way down, by default it ends with "entity 1682" and three "}" signs, right? Well what you wanna do now is to add an entity, consisting of a "speaker" command, like this -
"// entity 1683
"classname" "speaker"
"name" "speaker_999"
"origin" "-129 -588 181"
"s_omni" "1"
"s_global" "1"
"s_looping" "1"
"s_shader" "sound/ed/ogg/alphalabs2/ge2"
The nr 1 rule here is that your inserted entity nr must be above the last one, in this case entity 1682, which then is followed by 1683 (theoretically you could put "entity 9999" and it *should* work, havent tested), what this inserted entity does it to play "ge2.wav" as a loop until you quit playing this map, "ge2.wav" is a custom musicfile of mine but theres already a cpl of soundfiles to choose from in that folder of "sound/ed/ogg/alphalabs2", "scape1" to "scape7", various music that the proggers uses for various parts of the game, if you dont like them you can replace them with whatever music you prefer, myself i use music from the underrated Doom64 Nintendo game, suits the Doom 3 game perfectly imo :)
When youve chosen your music and edited the
".map" file, just save and then go back to playing :p Im assuming youre playing doom with open folder structure, as a mod, otherwise you have to repack those .pk4 back again, such a hassle in my opininon


You don't actually need the entity number (i.e. // entity 1683) as it actually has no effect on the map itself.
Obviously, it's even commented out. ^^
There's no need to worry about the entity count, all you need is an actual entity of a desirable class and further properties. (I tried, and it worked)

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ice_trey Author

i know the entities are superfluos but they ARE there, so i see no reason to confuse it further, and if one puts an entity number already present, itll crash

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