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How to add a weapon to the game. Here we show the Quake C code required to add a weapon. We are in the /qcsrc/ directory.

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create server/w_newweapon.qc
add autocvars to server/autocvars.qh

add to


cl_weaponsystem.qc (for melee weapons, for 3rd person swing anim if player model supports it)
g_damage.qc (same in both branches)
vehicles/vehicles.qc (same in both branches)
cheats.qc (same in both branches) To add per-weapon inventory volume, and other things if medeval weapon of cutting or stabbing
items.qc (same in both branches) If Medeval weapon, add to the random replacement subroutine

damage.qc (same in both branches)

(dialog_multiplayer_create_mutators.c might need some edits sometimes
as its 3 weaps per line for the arena mutator list).

Then add a picture of it in the gfx/hud/default/weaponbla.tga area
Oh and don't forget the model in models/weapons/
(v_bla.md3 g_bla.md3 h_bla.iqm h_bla.iqm.framegroups)
(can copy the h_* files from another similar weapon)
(the v_ and g_ file are actually IQMs* of the weapon (view/handheld, and ground))
*or other file format too, just called .md3


the g_ model should be scaled (by you) to 1.6x.
UNLESS it's a pistol or a medeval/melee weapon, in that case we keep to 1x
(pistols to make them not seem huge)

Another Explaination

Adding a new spell:
* cheats.qc (go through and see all the references to a spell, there are many areas)
(also make sure to edit the iter+ - code since you added a spell)
(+1 the number there)
defs.qh (got to add the variables that say if you have the spell)

Adding a new weapon:
cl_players.qc (2 spots to edit to add noblood and nogibs vars)
* g_damage.qc (1 spot to edit for damage resists (2 spots if bow etc))(if adding a bow, caltrops, crossbow there are 2 spots that need to be edited rather than one)
* vehicles/vehicles.qc (1 spot to edit to add vehicledamage multiplyer)
* w_all.qc (1 spot to edit to include w_yournewweapon.qc)
autocvars.qh (put your variables here: ex: grep weaponname autocvars.qh, then regex weaponname to yournewweapon and paste that in (a good editor is nedit or on windows notepad++)
cl_weaponsystem.qc (sometimes (when adding melee weapon so 3rd person model will swing it))
*w_yournewweapon.qc (this is your new weapon you are adding)

Easy way to start on a new weapon, cp w_weaponname.qc w_yournewweapon.qc
Regex: WEAPONNAME, weaponname, WeaponName, Weaponname, to
YOURNEWWEAPON, yournewweapon, YourNewWeapon, Yournewweapon

*damage.qc (2 places to edit usually)
waypointsprites.qc (2 places to edit)

menu/xonotic/*startweapons* (2 files)
(sometimes *create_mutator* (1 file) too when you go over the row limit*)

Sometimes when needing to add a new weaponset (every 24 weapons):
common/items.qh (read common/someinformationabout_items_qh.txt )

Also you need to add some models, here's the easy way:
(those .md3s are renamed .iqms btw, can be any supported model format
but must be named .md3)

g_ = ground model
v_ = view model
h_ = holder of view model, and swinging/shooting animations
this can be copyed from another weapon, it
sets the place fromwhich the bullets fly.

There's another way, which has to do with animated models, it's
written about elsewhere. (can check the source server/cl_weap*)

You'll see some weapons with many v_bla models. Those are used for
primitive code-controlled "animation". See w_longbow.qc etc. Hey, it works.

Example, for adding the microuzi, these files were edited:







Here is an example of doing some of that from the terminal's perspective

Example of an editing session, here we add a new melee weapon for example:
Let us say an allready existant similar weapon is "somesimilarweapon"
(we are in ~/xonotic-concrete/xonotic/data/xonotic-data.pk3dir/qcsrc/server/ )
qcsrc/server/$ cp w_somesimilarweapon.qc w_mynewweapon.qc
qcsrc/server/$ nedit w_mynewweapon.qc w_all.qc
#qcsrc/server/$ git add w_mynewweapon.qc w_all.qc
#qcsrc/server/$ cp ~/xonotic-stable/xonotic/data/xonotic-data.pk3dir/qcsrc/server/

#Add the autocvars to the file: grep for the similar weap's autocvar, then just replace that string and copy over
#autocvars.qh is different between branches, thus need to seperatly edit
qcsrc/server$ grep "somesimilarweapon" autocvars.qh
qcsrc/server$ nedit autocvars.qh ~/xonotic-stable/xonotic/data/xonotic-data.pk3dir/qcsrc/server/autocvars.qh &

qcsrc/server/$ nedit t_items.qc cheats.qc g_damage.qc cl_weapons.qc
#qcsrc/server/$ git add t_items.qc cheats.qc g_damage.qc cl_weapons.qc
#qcsrc/server/$ cp t_items.qc cheats.qc g_damage.qc cl_weapons.qc ~/xonotic-stable/xonotic/data/xonotic-data.pk3dir/qcsrc/server/

qcsrc/server/$ cd vehicles/
qcsrc/server/vehicles$ nedit vehicles.qc &
#qcsrc/server/vehicles$ git add vehicles.qc
#qcsrc/server/vehicles$ cp vehicles.qc ~/xonotic-stable/xonotic/data/xonotic-data.pk3dir/qcsrc/server/vehicles/
qcsrc/server/vehicles$ cd ../

###(These files differ between branches so must edit both individually)
qcsrc/server$ nedit cl_weaponsystem.qc ~/xonotic-stable/xonotic/data/xonotic-data.pk3dir/qcsrc/server/cl_weaponsystem.qc &
#qcsrc/server$ git add cl_weaponsystem.qc

qcsrc/server$ nedit cl_player.qc ~/xonotic-stable/xonotic/data/xonotic-data.pk3dir/qcsrc/server/cl_player.qc &
#qcsrc/server$ git add cl_player.qc

qcsrc/server$ cd ../client/
qcsrc/client$ nedit waypointsprites.qc ~/xonotic-stable/xonotic/data/xonotic-data.pk3dir/qcsrc/client/waypointsprites.qc &
#qcsrc/client$ git add waypointsprites.qc

###(Now for copying over the model, we go into a scratch directory first)
###(And we copy over a model that of a similar weapon, then rename those file)
###(then we copy over our actual exported iqms. (renamed to md3)
qcsrc$ cd ../models/weapons/bla/
models/weapons/bla$ ls
models/weapons/bla$ cp ../*somesimilarweapon* ./
models/weapons/bla$ ls
models/weapons/bla$ rename s/somesimilarweapon/mynewweapon/ ./*
models/weapons/bla$ cp ~/MyBlenderEditDirectory/g_mynewweapon.iqm ./g_mynewweapon.md3
models/weapons/bla$ cp ~/MyBlenderEditDirectory/v_mynewweapon.iqm ./v_mynewweapon.md3
###Move our models up one directory to models/weapons
models/weapons/bla$ mv ./* ../
###Follow it with ourselves
models/weapons/bla$ cd ../
###Add to git, as always
#models/weapons$ git add *ynewweapon*
###Copy over to other branch
#models/weapons$ cp *ynewweapon* ~/xonotic-stable/xonotic/data/xonotic-data.pk3dir/models/weapons/

###Now we add the settings for the weap
$ nedit fastweap.cfg
#$ git add fastweap.cfg
#$ cp fastweap.cfg ~/xonotic-stable/xonotic/data/xonotic-data.pk3dir/

#$ git commit -m "eds"

###Later we go into gfx/hud/default/ and make the weaponmynewweapon.tga
###(and add to the menu qc aswell)


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