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This is an achievement guide to help those who struggle to get a certain achievement in Half-Life: Induction. Obviously the article contains spoilers, so beware! It also has trivia on the origin of achievements names and ideas behind them. So it could be an interesting read for those who already unlocked all achievements.

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First, a little hint on how to load a certain chapter without having to replay the game from the beginning. Use following console commands to start the corresponding chapters:

  • map reg - Registration
  • map dorms - Dormitories
  • map thc - Hazard Course
  • map keyroom - Key Problem
  • map in_c1a0 - Hard Work
  • map bigday - Big Day

Note that some achievements (e.g. A Good Listener) requires actions on several maps, so you might need to replay the game (at least starting with the chapter Registration).

Okay, now to achievements.

Accident Man

You can unlock this achievement in the Registration chapter by causing enough damage to the Black Mesa equipment and personnel. There're several ways to do so.

  • Use the terminal (which Dr. Kleiner is using at the beginning of the map) several times.
  • Use the button on Gina's hologram enough times.
  • Turn both valves in the men's toilet. Even better if it happens when the worker is watching!
  • Go to the women's toilet and stay there enough time to annoy the woman.
  • When Otis enters the security room, follow him. There you can turn off the power. If you do it two times it's guaranteed that you'll unlock the achievement.

Note that unlocking this achievement will make you "lose" the game and the last save will be loaded.

accident man

Unfrozen Jack

Chapter Registration. Go into the kitchen behind the cafeteria, then enter the freezer room and open the door.

Silence Is Madness

In order to unlock this achievement you must make some calls to the administrator's assistant. There's one telephone set in each chapter of the game. The earliest chapter where you can get this achievement is Dormitories. Make a call and after it ends make another one.

Freed Man

There's a scientist in the chapter Dormitories who asks to let him out of the toilet. The problem is you can't open the door because Otis won't let you through. Go upstairs, to the cafeteria and grab donuts on the tray (press USE key). Then get back and put donuts on the tray in front of Otis to distract him. Then open the door.

freed man


In the end of the chapter Dormitories don't go straight to your flat. Instead you should pass the North Wing and proceed further. You'll find a radio in front of the guard's booth.

Duct Tales

You can't skip this achievement in the normal playthrough. Just be good Gordon and win the race in the chapter Key Problem.

Beer Paradox

In order to get this achievement you have to lose a bet to Barney in the chapter Key Problem. Just wait around half a minute and only then go to the Kleiner's office. For this duration you can just chill in the ventilation near the fan.

Note that unlocking this achievement will make you "lose" the game and the last save will be loaded.

Gabe Industry

On the first map of the chapter Hard Work pay attention where one of the scientist in the starting lobby is heading. He's walking slowly so in the meantime you can visit other places and put the suit on. When scientist is finally at his destination point join him and listen to the radio broadcast.

gabe industry

Your Personal Pesticide

At some point on the second map of the chapter Hard Work you're given a task to turn on the backup power. There're six cockroaches in the generator room. You must eliminate them all by using the weight of your body.

A Good Listener

To obtain this achievement you must make all phone calls (well, one of the calls is optional so you're allowed to skip one phone). Every chapter has a phone and they're hard to miss. Note that the chapter Hard Work has one phone despite the fact that it consists of two maps. If you made enough phone calls, then in the last chapter (Big Day) you'll get the achievement upon making the final call.

good listener


Accident Man is a reference to the unfortunate ability of Gordon Freeman to cause (or at least be in the center of) troubles. Be it something small like the one with Magnusson's microwave or something significant like the Resonanse Cascade. The description is a reference to the G-man's speech at the beginning of Half-Life 2:

The right man in the wrong place can make all the difference in the world.

The Unfrozen Jack name is a reference to the well-known shot from the movie "The Shining".

Silence Is Madness is not really a reference to anything. It just kinda rhymes and there're many English proverbs featuring the word "silence".

Freed Man is an obvious reference to Freeman himself.

Decayed is a reference to Half-Life: Decay, which originally featured the dormitories and had a notable impact on Half-Life: Induction.

Duct Tales is a reference to the "Duck Tales" cartoon.

The 'paradox' part in Beer Paradox is a reference to the paradox that can be caused by a player in Half-Life: Opposing Force if they follow Freeman into the portal. Freeman couldn't see Adrian Shephard (because in Half-Life he didn't) and just like that Freeman couldn't lose a bet to Barney (because Barney should be the one who owed the beer). The description is a reference to the Barney's line in Half-Life 2:

about that beer I owed ya.

Gabe Industry is just a pun on "game industry".

The description of Your Personal Pesticide is a reference to the unused G-man's quote from Half-Life 1:

there are a few survivors of your personal holocaust who would like the chance to meet the man responsible for the total annihilation of their race

Both the name and the description of A Good Listener is a direct reference to the achievement in the game "The Talos Principle".

Appendix for Induction 1.4

With the release of Induction 1.4 one new achievement was added to the game.

Feed my coins

5 PlayCoins™ can be found in the following locations:

  1. The intro map. After you went through the gateway with Barney, turn left and you will find the coin at the end of the corridor.
  2. The Registration map. Follow Otis into the security room. The coin is located in one of the lockers.
  3. The Key Problem map. There's an additional office room with toy train set. Push the button and grab the coin.
  4. The Hard Work map. In the locker room area open the locker of Dr. Coomer and take the coin.
  5. The Big Day map. When you step out to the train station stop take a ladder on the left side. Enter the room below and grab the final coin.

Trivia: the achievement is a reference to the Dr. Coomer's line from "Half-Life VR but the AI is Self-Aware".

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