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A walkthrough of zpo_shreddingfield that is both educational and hilarious. Thanks to drrobot, okeido, galactic, and daan who put the montage together.

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Thanks to the efforts of Drrobot, OkeiDo, Galactic, and Daan who put this montage together. We are gifted with this hilarious yet educational zpo_shreddingfield video walkthrough. Check it out below.

Enjoy ZPS v2.0 and good luck making it through shreddingfield! Happy Halloween for real this time!

-ZP Development Team

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This stuff really gets my goat. It's bad enough when somebody in a server feels the need to explain exactly how to win the map. Most of the fun of each new update comes from people not knowing what to do.

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Ok this video/map was nice.
But yeah i agree with this dude.
No need for walkthroughs.Takes away the fun of findingout what and where to go.
I myself would rather complain about not knowing what 2 do and figure it out then see a walkthrough or have someone explain me. :D
I think you guyz mainly wanted to show off teh map lol
Nice though

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Tatsur0 Author

As you can see it doesn't really show off much. Just gives you the list. Which btw is described int he Objective list in game. So no real spoilers here. Was more of an intro to the map and something that was done out of love of the community and for fun obviously.

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At first when i saw this video on youtube, i didnt know its the offical one, it is well made and funny, but it really doesnt help much. Otherwise good job.

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