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Zombie Panic: Source v2.2 (with Hotfix fixing previous crashes) is now live on both Desura and Steam so download and enjoy!

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After the release of ZPS v2.1 a number of issues were immediately apparent and the community and our testers quickly informed us of the issues. While we had hoped to have a break and begin work on v2.2 as a content patch that would release a good while from now we instead focused on fixing the issues that were frustrating our server admins and player base immediately. With the daily playtests run by our PT Lead Riley- and multiple updates per day by our Lead Programmer Sammy we've squashed all the bugs we could find and a few more as well as updates to 2 maps. The team really came together and brushed aside their break and free time to get this patch to you.

Carrier Roar Bug Fixed

Updated ZPO_Tanker

Updated ZPS_Thrillvile

:::::Changelog v2.1:::::

+ Fixed ZPA overtime mode not ending until zombies win.
+ Fixed Infection not working.
+ Fixed Survivors spawning in lobby.
+ Fixed Keyboard text being mistaken as 'spam' by server plugins.
+ Fixed Carrier glow cutting out.
+ Fixed CServerGameTags::GetTaggedConVarList crash.
+ Fixed OverTime not visible (for being black).
+ Fixed Instant map changes bug.
+ Fixed Not reading player model for humans (When player model was a zombie).
+ Fixed Infected survivors running inside of other survivors when they're turning, keeping the other survivor from moving.
+ Fixed IEDs being thrown through thin walls.
+ Fixed Spectators voices unable to be heard by other spectators.
+ Fixed Sourcemod's slay compatibility issues.
+ Fixed Sourcemod's ignite compatibility issues.
+ Fixed Shotting through glasses teleporting players to previous positions.
+ Fixed Zombies feeling lag when shot by a survivor.
+ Fixed Spectators chat messages being lost.
+ Updated zpo_tanker
+ Updated zps_thrillvile
+ Added Alltalk support for spectator chat block.
+ Fixed a bug that ended up booting players after reaching a tick rate above 300

ZPS v2.2 (with the hotfix) is now live on both Desura and Steam. We're still working on our next patch 2.3 but please be patient as we're no longer a very large team and are more focused on fixing than adding loads of new content but hope 2.3 will please our fans with new content that which we're not ready to discuss nor is there any date ready for announcement so please refrain from asking when and what will be released from ZPS v2.4

-ZP Development Team

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Rukus_ - - 660 comments

Anyone else find it odd that this is on desura? Why not just have it on steam?

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billyboob - - 297 comments

Not odd at all. Remember that idiom about eggs and baskets? I think it applies here.

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Mkilbride - - 2,784 comments

I think the whole situation with Desura is weird, too. Desura is awesome, not denying that, but for games that require Steam, I see it was nothing more than just an extra thing to log into and have running. For games that don't require Steam though, yeah, it's quite awesome. I'd say it's the Indie version of Steam, but that wouldn't be fair to Valve, whom, for all intents and purposes, is still Indie.

It's just a good alternative for those who for some reason don't like Steam...though I can't imagine why. I still think Desura is a good idea, although it is so much like Steam, so far it offers no advantages to developers, sure, but to players, so far not.

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Tatsur0 Author
Tatsur0 - - 1,068 comments

Some players like full access to the files and rather than compiled it's loaded directly into sourcemods meaning players have more freedom using Desura than they do steam. The fact that desura makes installations nearly as simple definitely appeals to many.

They're both great for digital distribution and have unique specials and deals and are willing to work with developers to get things done. I only use Steam and Desura and for good reason.

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Mkilbride - - 2,784 comments

Yeah, but I mean, when I install a non-Valve game onto gives me the full files, so I can mod it easily to. I'm not sure what you mean about that, though you are a expert modder, so you probably know better.

Can you explain in better terms how and why it appeals to many? It seems my intelligence is not enough to grasp what was said.

Sure, I love Desura, I'm excited to be one of the first members of it, just like I was one of the first on Steam, I always thought DD was the future, so I got on board with them all as soon as they came out.

My problem right now is as pretty much strictly a gamer, not a modder, or developer, I'm having trouble seeing Desura's appeal over Steams. As you said, both work with Devs. Heck, when Killing Floor was getting close to release, TripWire Interactive said Valve let them make use of their employees to help them iron out some remaining major bugs, then helped them release it, ectera, I think that's awesome of Valve to do. TripWire also responded to some criticism, some people think Steam takes to much of a Indie devs profits, but according to TripWire, Steam takes far less than retail publishers wanted, and they made more of a profit than they even expected.

I'm not dissing Desura, I'm sure it's going to become really big one day, but I'm having trouble seeing it's usefulness over Steam right now. I guess for those that for some reason hate Steam...which I've never understood, it might be a nice alternative, though it does things so much like Steam, they'd really be hypocrites.

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INtense! Staff
INtense! - - 4,100 comments

I think it just gives you the option and more promotional outlets for ZPS so the developers win and gamers win. You can choose which you wish to use, or you can use both (desura will detect if you already have ZPS installed)

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TheFeigningNinja - - 19 comments

I hope people still play this game.........

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Benben516 - - 15 comments

Im getting now :D

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