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This week's update adds a new type of enemy: Zombies! In addition, a new minimap supports your dungeon exploration and new passive skills for your officer come in handy while you are on planets or in dungeons.

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You had to fight against space pirates in space and against raiders in dungeons and in pirate outposts. Now, you have to face a new threat: Zombies! New space events and new dungeons were added that feature the new type of enemy. You might find a long-lost spaceship without any life support and only strange life signs... They won't attack your ship, but when you board their ship, you might find some valuables in their storage rooms! The new zombie dungeons can be accessed by getting a proper mission from a space station's security office.

New skills

Three new passive skills were added that give you advantages while exploring dungeons and planets.

The medic has a new skill that gives him a certain chance to find medical supplies while gathering food. This might result in a great profit when visiting places like the medieval village!

The pilot got a new skill that increases his movement speed on all planets and in all dungeons.

The soldier's damage versus Zombies can be increased with his/her new skill!


A minimap has been added to the game's UI when you explore dungeons. The dungeon's wall, the position of your crew members and the camera's field of view are displayed that makes a camera navigation much easier.

Bug Fix

  • After teleporting dead crew members, they were standing, instead of lying on the floor.

Coming up next...

The last update of this year will add two new spaceships and four new weapon turrets!


In the first week of 2018, I will take a few days off, i.e. there won't be an update on 6th January. However, I will still be available for player support and bug fixing!

After that, I will start developing the co-op multiplayer mode for Galactic Crew! Although I already prepared the game engine for multiplayer support in the past months, the implementation is too complex to fit in a single week's update. Therefore, there won't be weekly content updates until I am finished with the multiplayer mode. This is expected to be in mid February 2018. After that, I will return to the normal, weekly content update shedule. However, I will post weekly news about the progress of the multiplayer to keep you informed!

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