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Zombie Master: Reborn Beta 2 is out! Steam news and major AI changes.

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How's it going, BROTHER! Today, I, the real Hulk, bring you a great update! You might remember me from this hit film! No, I am not related to the humen called Hogan. It has been a while since the last update, but I assure you, brother, it's worth the sacrifice!

Moving to Steam

Documents have been sent, fees have been paid, sweat has been... sweated. Bada bing, bada boom, we're on Steam.
If you visit our Discord, you already know that Steam keys have been given out and playtest sessions have been held. You may still apply for a key by joining our Discord group and filling this Google form.
Let's be clear here, the Steam is currently just for playtesting purposes as it makes sharing an update a lot easier. Steam is the next big step, but we're still far from proper release.

Beta 2

AI update

ZM advertises itself as an RTS game. AI is something an RTS game should excel at, or at least give the player proper tools to control the units. Despite this, commanding units is an absolute chore as they sometimes refuse to move at all, or it feels like it takes forever for the unit to respond to a command.

With this update, I'm happy to say that this is now in the past. Units respond to your commands instantly, clear destroyable obstacles by themselves and queue your next command if they are doing something else at the moment.

The pathfinding has been upgraded to navigation meshes. Nav meshes are editable in-game and, despite being ground only, in our case are far more flexible and "smarter". Pathfinding is still possible with AI graph to support maps that don't have nav meshes build for them. For mappers and those who want to help, you can use these video tutorials to get started. All custom meshes are collected here.

zmr webstuff 05b

Accurate representation of how it feels to command units.

The change that made memes into reality...

Hulk's legs are now its weak point! For far too long Hulk's hitboxes have been completely screwed. Hulk was practically a walking box; you could shoot BETWEEN the legs and still register it as a hit. In fact, it was a lot safer to shoot the legs than the body, hence the false assumption that the legs take more damage. Fixing this opened an opportunity to do something else with the Hulk. Hulk is still the dangerous moving wall that it was, but now survivors are rewarded by well placed shots.

Got tired of the default HL2 crosshair. So, here are some customizable ones!

zmr webstuff 06

Check out rest of the changes here!

Zombie Master: Reborn Beta 2 (Windows ZIP)

Zombie Master: Reborn Beta 2 (Windows Installer)

El_Zongo - - 140 comments

Very cool.

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.Bach - - 482 comments

Great update.

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VaTTeRGeR - - 125 comments

Great to see the navigation improved, that was one of the very annoying quirks of the old ZM versions.

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[MC]Pimpão - - 366 comments

very heartwarming to get a follow up on how things are going. it's so great we still have people willing to work on the development of Zombie Master :D

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SUPER-MPM - - 3 comments

Why does the flashlight still runs out of energy? is it intended? is it a bug? This feature wasn't on the original game and it's extremely annoying since this game has a lot of very dark maps that are unplayable without the flashlight and it runs out of energy every time, its sad because this game is amazing but this feature is so annoying, doesn't make any sense.

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Guest - - 687,512 comments

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ElGorilla - - 14 comments

Are you guys planning on making any changes to the default chat? The way the chat works in source games is very lacking as there is no option to block users and there are no word filters, so racists can use them to spread their hate.

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