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We have adapted our own version of the classic King of the Hill gamemode for World at War zombiemode! There's PvP killing, zombies, and flag-capturing! Sure to be an insanely fun co-op experience!

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We have adapted our own version of the classic King of the Hill gamemode for World at War zombiemode! There's PvP killing, zombies, and flag-capturing! Sure to be an insanely fun co-op experience!

Hye guys UGX Treminaor here bringing you this weeks's new UGX Mod Feature - King of the Hill.
Rather than sit here explaining it, I'm going to let you guys watch some gameplay of it straight away, and then I will come in after and explain what the hell is going on.

Ok, so I'm going to play certain parts of that footage again with damped audio and explain what's going on as you see it happen on-screen.

Right now you're seeing the "hill" in King of the Hill. For those of you who've played Halo CE, Perfect Dark, or Gears of War 2, this concept should be very familiar. You have also probably noticed that there are guns floating
around on the map - we have implemented weapon spawning similar to CoD4 Oldschool mode, but with our own twists. There are two ways to play this mode: Free-For-All or team vs. team. At the beginning of the game you get to
choose which team you are on - there is no team balancing required - you can do a 3 vs 1 game if you really want to. If all players choose the same team it will default to Free-For-All.

All wall weapons are disabled, including the PaP and Random Box - just like in Gungame. The only way you will be able to obtain weapons is by buying them from Oldschool weapon spawns. Currently we have set a flat price of 750 points, regardless of what the weapon happens to be. This is subject to change. Once a weapon is purchased,
it has a 60 second cooldown time before it can be purchaesd again by anyone else. This style of weapon spawning should be familiar to fans of Doom-era videogames.

A hill will appear somewhere on the map - this hill has a
radius, or range if you will - if you or a teammate are standing within that radius, you will begin taking control of the hill. You can see your progress at the top of the screen. If one or more zombies are inside the hill with you,
it will slow down your hill capture rate. The more zombies in the hill, the slower it will go. If you have more than one teammate in your hill, the capture rate will increase. You will gain 10 points for every second you spend
inside a hill with an active hill capture rate.

If an enemy team member is inside the hill's radius with you, the hill is considered 'contested' and your hill capture rate will become zero. You will have to get rid of the contesting players to continue capturing the hill.
If your team leaves the radius of the hill at any time, you will lose your capture progress. If you are able to fill your Hill Capture Progress bar, you will capture the hill and score a point for your team. Your team will also
recieve a 250 point score bonus. Once the hill has been captured, it will respawn again somewhere else on the map and it's a race to see who can get to it first.

When developing King of the Hill, we were constantly thinking of how we could make things "more interesting" for you guys. The first thing we came up with is PvP battles - yes, you heard me right - you can now kill other players in
zombiemode! I bet you're thinking "Oh man, this is going to suck. It's going to be totally unfair and I'm going to get shot to death every five seconds." You thought wrong. We put a lot of effort into ensuring this would be a
completely fair and competative expereince.

First, You can only kill another player if he is contesting the same hill as you. Second, you have to do it with your knife. It takes two hits in sucession to send an enemy player to laststand. From there you have two choices:
1) You can wait for him to bleed out or to be revived by his teammate - keep in mind that players in laststand can still contest a hill, or 2) You can choke him to death.

What? I can choke that prick to death? YES! YES YOU CAN! By walking up to the enemy player and hitting your melee key, you can initiate a choke sequence. Two progress bars will appear on your screen and the enemy's screen and you
will both start spamming your melee key to fill the progress bar - the faster you hit the key, the faster the bar fills. The first one to fill his or her bar wins the choke sequence. If the player who initiated the choke won, the
enemy in laststand will die and wait a respawn time. If the player who initiated the choke loses, he will immiedately be killed, and the enemy in laststand will be automatically revived.

You should also notice in the footage that there is a killfeed in the lower left corner of the screen which will keep you up to date on who's killing who. We also are considering adding a host setting which would enable the use of
guns to damage other players, but we have not finalized that decision yet.

We have also ported concussion grenades from Black Ops. Your team will be awarded one Concussion grenade for every hill you capture. You can use these concussion grenades to stun and slow-down enemey teammates, making them easy
targets for zombies and PvP kills.

Although it's not shown in this video, you can also obtain Gersh Devices from the Oldschool weapon drops - if you throw a Gersch device near another player, it will start to suck them into the black hole! If they make it all the way to
the black hole, they will be teleported to wherever the black hole teleporter spawned on the map!

Also not shown in this video, we plan to make the HUD for this gamemode much more sylish and functional. For right now we just added text and simple progress bars to make the gamemode playable.

We plan to add an effect to better represent the radius of the hill - right now you just have to get close enough to notice when you start to capture it.

There will definitely be more added to this gamemode - more than we can show in this video. Be sure to check it out in the upcoming update to the UGX Mod.

Lastly I want to mention that all donators to the UGX-Mods website recieved exclusive early-access images and videos of this gamemode a week in advance - if you would like to have access to any exclusive content to existing anf
future videos, please consider donating to our website using the link in the video description. Your donations fund our website and all future services we intend to provide to this community.

Thanks for warching guys, sorry about the late video but I think you'll understand why it took so long! A lot of testing and bugfixing has to be done in order to get a smooth expereience in a multiplayer encironment with so many
new and unprecidented gameplay aspects.

See you in two weeks, and don't forget to check out next week's Community Gameplay Video! If you want to be a part of that, register an account on our forum and watch for the sign-up sheet to be posted to the homepage.

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