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Another two videos that show example rounds of Zombie Assault. Also a semi in depth explanation of how the game play works.

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Second video is more up to date.

Second video info:
This is just the most recent example of the progress that’s been made on Zombie Assault.
In this round you’ll see that many things have been changed, and there are two players in game.
And yes, for the first time in a long time we actually lose a round, which truthfully makes me really happy, as it means it’s slowly becoming more balanced.

New weapons:
AA12 Shotgun - with both a 20 round drum, and a 5 round magazine of explosive rounds.
Laser Pistol - shoots a laser (surprise) left click pretty much shoots a beam, right discharges all the charge at once making more of a shotgun spray effect.

How the Game Play works:

There are two teams each of which have their goal:
Defenders – This team’s goal is to hold the zombies back while the civilians are attempting to evacuate, if the zombies capture all the Control Points, the round is lost. As well as having ranged weapons to fight the zombies, this team also has vehicles that spawn at certain Control Points. This team is the human player’s team.
Zombies – The goal of this team is to capture all the Control Points on the map, if they succeed they win plain in simple. The first 15 minutes of the round is spent with the Zombies building up power, at the very start of the map, all Zombies are not only slower than the player and extremely weak; however, after 15 minutes the Zombies will be spawning at full power. Beings the zombies (for the most part) have no ranged weapons (and no vehicles whatsoever) this team has the advantage of increasing its size. By default, both teams only have 10 players per team, but in addition the Zombie team can turn 25 people into zombies at a time (meaning it can turn into 10 vs. 35) as long as you keep the zombie population under control, it’s not very hard, however, once at full mass the Zombies become a very difficult force to stop.

Current Enemies Include:
Light Zombie – The fastest Zombie and weakest zombie.
Medium Zombie – The second fastest Zombie, just barely faster than the player.
Heavy Zombie - Slower than players on foot, but much stronger, also cannot be run over by vehicles.
Ice Zombie - Spray ice at its enemies, if it hits them it freezes them in place until another zombie is able to come up and kill them, they are deadly against vehicles.
Vomit Zombie - Throws up at the play, has a lot of range, and the vomit burns on contact with skin.
Stalemate Breaker - This UNKNOWN enemy comes whenever the player and/or AI bots are able to hold the line for too long, or push back the zombie progression.
Note: They all turn whoever they kill into zombies.

Human weapons and vehicles:
Vehicles - The humans have: Honda Jazz, Snowmobile, Toyota Pickup, Snow Buggy, Bugatti, and M1A1 Abrams Tank.
Weapons – The human team has 25 guns that can be acquired (on this map anyways).
Armor – You can also buy armor if you manage to lose your current armor.
Ammo Crate – You can use ammo creates to refill weapons that are low on ammo.

Strategies and Tactics:
*Making money – Beings money is rather useful (unless you prefer the weapon you spawn with, and never have a need to refill your armor) it’s important to understand the best way to make money. There are currently 2 ways to make money, however I plan to expand it to three ways before this is ‘complete.’ -The easiest way to make to make money is obviously killing zombies, and the best way to do that is at the start of the game, as that’s when they are the slowest, only down side is due to their lack of health you make less money.
-The second way to make money is by recapturing Control Points, as you get about 1000 dollars for first removing the enemy’s control over it, and then another 1000 dollars for regaining control of it.
-The 3rd way will be by picking up boxes of money the zombies will randomly drop on death. Whoever picks that box up first gets the money (you still get the normal amounts of money for killing/hurting them).

*Winning the game: Obviously, being able to hold your Control Points is pretty damn important, so defending is very useful. However, capturing enemy Control Points also slows them down a lot, as they have to recapture those Control Points if they are going to continue to overrun you.

*Capturing Bonus Control Points: Capturing a bonus control point can hugely help your team, as it can allow for an addition spot to spawn from, different weapons, or spawns your team additional vehicles. All of which can help your team immensely.

*Using Vehicles: Vehicles are extremely useful, as not only can they speed up how fast you get from point A to point B, they also force zombies to waste more time to destroy your vehicle before they can get at you. Also, you can of course run over zombies with the vehicles, just be careful of the big zombies (as they can’t run you over) and the ice zombies (because they can freeze you in your spot, and then you are just going to get rapped lol).

*Selecting good spots to spawn: The choice of a good spawn location (IE: choosing somewhere that either has a weapon/vehicle you want, or is closest to an object you want) is very helpful.

*Weapons: And as always, choosing the right weapon for each situation is important. It is true that all weapons will kill the zombies, but you don’t really want to pull out a sniper rifle against 25 zombies that are a few yards from you, a shot gun or machine gun is better for this situation. Likewise, not wasting the ammo of a machine gun on zombies that are half a mile away is a good idea, use of a more accurate weapon is of course recommended in that case.

*Hiding: Zombies can both hear you and see you, if you are going to attempt to recapture one of their Control Points, stealth is your friend. Don’t stand in the open, and don’t use loud weapons unless you’re a distraction… not that that is a bad idea, just make sure you choose the right situations to be a hero.

*Being a distraction: As previously mentioned, leading zombies off can be a very useful idea, but you have to select good times to be the hero who distracts all the zombies for your team. This is because when the 35 zombies you are leading away finally catch you, or give up on trying to catch you, they’re going to come crashing down onto the nearest player controlled Control Point, so it’s important to have your defenders ready for that or else your just going to have unleashed a massive wave of zombies that your team won’t be able to stop, and they’ll end up capturing more Control Points then they had in the first place.

I THINK that’s about it (I feel like I’m missing something huge). If you have any questions ask and I’ll attempt to answer them.

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