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We're mostly back, so here's an explanation of what we are and aren't doing.

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Welcome back everyone. As you can probably tell, the mod has been revived, with some changes. First off, we're sorry for leaving so abruptly before, but the mod had turned into less of a hobby and more of a job for us, and that wasn't fun. As a result, all of us lost interest in what we were doing and the staff slowly dwindled down to nothing. However, now that we've had a good 6 month long period where we didn't have to even think about modding, we're ready to get back to work, however:

1. We're just finishing Imperial Civil War,
2. There have been changes to it,
3. We're done at the end of summer, regardless of what happens.

Before I go into more depth on what that all means, I'll explain who "we" means.
The Team: Corey, Dr. Knickers, Slornie, Enceladus, Dane Kiet, Kalo, Scarecrow, Ca3ba.
Any former staff who's reading this and wants back in, your seat is still available for you.

Anywho, back to the important stuff...
1. FotR is no more. We put out our FotR Minimod v2, and that's as far as we can and will go with that. We're happy with it, it's done, we're not touching it again. Imperial Civil War is all we're doing. Don't ask us to do FotR, don't cry about it. It's simply an impossibility at this point, for reasons that will be covered by point 3. And we really don't want to commit ourselves to that amount of work considering what happened last time.

2. Part of our ability to finish the mod comes at the expense of some of the content in it. All of the major stuff is still there (tech level system, Empire of the Hand, etc), but several units have been cut. These are: 1-H Repulsortank, Floating Fortress, Swift Assault 5 Hoverscout, Sedriss, Republic Star Destroyer, Majestic, Corona, Corran Horn and Kam Solusar. If we can get Kam, Corran or Sedriss done through a reskin, we might do that. The Hapan and Ssi-Ruvi minor factions have also been cut in their entirety. This is because they had no completely done units, and as such would require too much work to complete in addition to everything else. We no longer have skinners or riggers, so don't even ask. We can't and won't be putting them back in. We're on a tight schedule, which we get to next.

3. Most of us have just graduated high school, and will be going to University at the end of the summer. At that point we have no intention to continue development. On the other hand, this means we're keeping our work focused on polishing up what we have and finishing what we need to finish instead of working on other stuff or adding pointless stuff like we used to do, and guarantees you will have the mod by the end of this summer.

That's all for now. I'm going to clean up the forums a bit so the information is more applicable, so feel free to get back to posting like before. We are still looking for beta testers, so there will be (or is, depending on when you read this) a thread for applying for that position in the Recruitment board. We are on a tight schedule, so the sooner you apply, the better.

Thank you for your support,


The zombie?

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The mod was dead and now it's slightly less so.

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