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ZMBE 1.2e is out! Featuring a host of new additions, gameplay changes and updated maps.

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ZMBE is a spin-off mod based on the original zombie master source code. Featuring 9 different all new weapons, 3 new zombie types and a challenging level of difficulty.

Weapons Weapons

How to install

Currently there are no linux files available and please remove any previous installs of ZMBE prior to installation

  1. Unpack the .rar file into your ..../sourcemods/ folder.
  2. Restart STEAM to have it appear in the games list.


1.2 wrote: [Zombie] -Armored Zombies are now "Wobblers" (3x stronger than normal zombies - also scaled down price and popcost)
[Zombie] -Improved melee attack reliability for blob
[Zombie] -Increased blob speed
[Zombie] -Increased blob reaction time
[Weapons] -Added Winchester rifle
[Weapons] -Decreased Accuracy of 1911 Colt
[Weapons] -Decreased damage of 1911 Colt
[Weapons] -Decreased Reload time for 1911 Colt
[Weapons] -Increased ammo per pickup size across all items (20 - 100 %)
[Weapons] -Rescaled weapon damages
[Zombie] -Removed blob from normal spawns, only spawns as hidden from now on
[Zombie] -Created new model for blobs and wobblers
[General] -Blocked FPS-Spectating
[Weapons] -Added manual action for all pump-action shotguns and the winchester
[Maps] -Removed Backwoods
[General] -Removed even more unwanted stock content
[General] -Added 3 more player models
[Weapons] -Added left hand punch animation
[Zombie] -Increased hidden blob spawn cost to 230
[Weapons] -Retextured remington 870 shotgun
[Weapons] -Retextured mossberg 500 shotgun
[Weapons] -New firing animation for SKS
[Weapons] -Increased physical force for SKS bullets

[Maps] -Updated Croc, Zebra and Hotel
[Hotel] -Added new objectives (gascan > generator > server room > survive 3 mins)
[Hotel] -Added 2 new areas, garage and server room
[Hotel] -Fixed all camp spots
[Hotel] -Added 300 extra cash for zm at map start
[Zebra] -Changed cable car geometry (less prone to getting stuck)
[Zebra] -Deepened the hole
[Zebra] -Added delaying obstacles inside the tower
[Zebra] -Fixed camp/glitch possibilities
[Crocodile] -Adjusted all glass barriers to new weapon damages
[Crocodile] -Changed platform hopping room
[Crocodile] -Decreased death door trap cost to 130 (was 500)
[Crocodile] -Blocked underwater blob spawning in basejump room
[Crocodile] -Changed glassbarrier room layout (created 2 major chokepoints)
[Crocodile] -Decreased time needed to throw the lever switches
[Crocodile] -Fixed areas not covered by kill-triggers (which allowed left-behind players to avoid death in rare situations)
[Crocodile] -Fixed occassional spawn bug that caused one player to end up in the water at map start
[Overlord] -Blocked off the upper areas of the map (reduces playing space by 60%)
[Overlord] -Moved all weapon ammo to the first trench
[Overlord] -Reduced ZAPs to 4
[Overlord] -Delayed artillery access to 30 seconds after map start
[Overlord] -Removed all onshore spawns
[Overlord] -Lowered roof of the covers on the 2nd trenchline (increased protection from artillery)



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Who play this mod ? Mod have servers ?
Look good

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Me :) Really nice mod, I hope they will improve the graphics soon.

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yes official server is back online

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this looks pro. i hated the original zombie master becuz it had too little maps and weps. but u guys should add like an mp5 or mini uzi or sumthin.

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**** u dumbasses. 1hit ko zombies?????? ur ****** shittin me man this is a piece of **** game. seriously u got white blobs of **** jumpin at u and 1 hit ko u???????????? go **** urselves u ****** retards

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Someone is angry, lol.

But the new update destroyed the game. By replacing the Armored Zombie with the Wobbler, they have rendered the game near impossible for surviors. Now, instead of using normals Zombies as infantry, Blobs as Covert, and Armored as Tanks, you now have no Covert, as no maps have the Blob spawn, and the Armors have been turned into Wobblers. Now, weakening the Armor seems like a good idea, right? But in addtion to making it weaker, they gave you the chance to spawn about 5 of them in 2 seconds, at half the strength of armors. Now, lets do the math. One entity made half weaker, times five of them at the same time. It's much harder for the Humans, as all the ZM has to do; Or rather, can do, is spam Regular Zombies and Wobblers. It's been horribly ruined by the update, and I hope I can find someone on the old Version.

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black_cat Author

Armored zombie had 1300 HP.
THe wobbler has 90 HP.
So it is not "only half as weak"

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It looks very cool

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