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i used my remaining free time to complete "Zeruel87 Mod v0.2"

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First thing, i became a father by beginning of this week :) Now for the fun stuff:

i used my remaining free time to complete "Zeruel87 Mod v0.2"

Many content has been added, the most important one is a new playable Faction:
Terran from sc1.

also there are 3 additional downloads in the "files" section for extra in game music from "ra" "warzone2100" and "sc1 terran".
Why extra downloads for music? because the files are huge compared to the mod itself and i dont wanted to decrease the audio quality to much.

in cnc you can choose from 3 different AI's, now there are 10 different AI's to choose from with self explanatory names.
and 3 extra "Challenge" factions designed for AI use to add a "art of defence" like feeling.

last but not least, i added lot of stuff that was missing from "allied" & "soviet" factions like unit audio files, missing units and many more stuff, to many to explain in detail.

thats it for now :) go and try the stuff out!

Addtional informations about the content are on the main mod page.

gl & hf

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