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Many persistant bugs have been fixed in this version. Minor balance changes include a small nerf to the Bandit.

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Many persistent bugs have been fixed in this version. Minor balance changes include a small nerf to the Bandit.


  • Fixed shift queuing with terraform
  • Fixed latency in right clicking on a factory queue in the build menu
  • Minimap hides on entering overhead view (default key tab)
  • Mobile AA units draw range rings. AA now draws AOE and spread in the same way as ground units.
  • Added indicator for available facplop, modified GFX to indicate instant nature
  • New information display panel for Chicken mode
  • Fixed geothermals and static jammer build icons


  • Increased raider LOS to improve their defence avoiding ability
  • Increased burrower (Tick, Roach, Flea) decloak range to match normal decloak range
  • Increased d-gun DPS and AOE
  • Decreased damage and increased reload of Adv Recon Commander slow grenade.
  • Decreased Venom EMP damage 1000 -> 800
  • Sumo jump has impulse as it was always suppose to (it didn't because of an engine limitation)
  • Dominatrix (formerly Dreamweaver) can control infinite enemies but must recharge for 5 seconds between capture, capture speed increased slightly.
  • Increased Merl velocity and damage
  • Increased Ravager and Scorcher maneuverability
  • Glaive damage 11 -> 11.5 and decreased autoheal timer to 5s.
  • Increased Bandit cost 75 -> 80. Decreased range 250 -> 240 and increased autoheal timer to 5s.
  • Battle Commander main gun damage increased
  • Increased Stiletto health and AOE.
  • Increased mobile cloaker cost 420 -> 600. Decreased cloak range 550 -> 440


  • Fixed singleplayer AI bugs that caused them to occasionally handle battle units poorly.
  • Improved some AI build ratios and commander selections
  • Improved entities for unit AI


  • Fixed cloaking effect invisibility bug
  • Fixed initial slowdown due to comm gate effect
  • Fixed Missile Turret and Windmill ground shadow.
  • New Vamp and Firestorm models.
  • Slightly more visible shields.
  • Improved some static AA projectiles
  • Fix Ghosts of enemy buildsites sometimes not drawing and fixed vertical position of drawn model.


  • Fixed some Starlight aiming bugs
  • Fixes to terraform cost and pyramid creation
  • Fixed Puppies not spawning when impacting the ground
  • Fixed Dante weapon script, it now fires missiles correctly


  • Added Radar Tower reply sound
  • Fixed some units that were missing reply sounds
  • Fixed chicken artillery impact sound clipping.


  • Custom difficulty for Chicken mode
  • Chicken Queen has less health
  • Increased chicken tech regression from burrow kills
  • Smaller Dodo waves

0.7.2 released

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