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Christmas comes early for good boys and girls! Santa's bringing a new version, with lots of bugfixes and an awesome increase in framerate! (Unfortunately, we also had to reset your widget settings and keybinds. Sorry about that. You should back up Documents/My Games/Spring/uikeys.txt if you modified it manually.)


  • Should no longer crash on default settings with Intel cards
  • Implemented a new terrain rendering system (much much faster)
  • Improved pathfinding


  • Added awards for building mexes and doing damage with commanders


  • Added a torpedo module


  • Felon: HP 1000 -> 1400, cost 700 -> 650
  • Dominatrix works faster on damaged units; cost 400 -> 420
  • Typhoon (corvette): HP 2400 -> 2200, damage per shot 11 -> 10
  • Shipyard HP increased 50% (4000 -> 6000)


  • New Welder (tank constructor) model
  • Fixed missing subs and precision bomber weapon effects when hitting underwater targets
  • Improved Skeeter, Pillager and Crabe weapon FX
  • Krow corpse scaled down to fit unit


  • Fixed crashes in player list and unit XP display
  • Added Map category to widget list
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