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Continuation from last week Game Design article, Level Ingredients, Level Script and some meshes

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Last week it was explained how the game design idea started, problems of the genre and how they would be faced through purposed resolutions. One of them was the dynamic map that would change every time the player starts a new match by having 9 tiles that interchange between each other, having more than +350k different map possibilities.

This week before continuing there are new stuff to show, more precisely some meshes that will be used in-game for the tiles:

Mesh AS Tile AS

Mesh AC Tile AC

Mesh Entrance Tile Entrance

Mesh Plains Tile Plains

Mesh Roundabout Tile Roundabout

Mesh Tower Tile Tower

Now, to continue last week article:

  • Level ingredients that fall from the sky with a sci-fi and industrial visuals:
    • Escape-pods:
      • Spawn type: They drop from the sky in a random location inside a random tile;
      • Gameplay Role: These level ingredients will grant the player a pickup that upon having 3 of them delivered to an altar, will give a consumable to the player which can be activated to increase the movement speed.
    • Altar Pods and Buildings:
      • Spawn type: Each altar drop from the sky in a specific location inside a specific tile;
      • Gameplay Role: Altars are structures that have 3 delivery recipients where the player places the pickup and upon having 3 placed a consumable is given to the player. Each player will have to deliver the 3 pickups as altar completion is not shared between players;
      • Types:
        • Altar Pods: "reconstructs" destroyed medieval altars in order to be usable;
        • Altar Buildings: new altars added to the map.
    • Other Sci-fi ingredients:
      • Spawn type: Same with altars, each ingredient drops in a specific location inside a specific tile;
      • Gameplay Role: to give a bigger sci-fi presence, doesn't really have a major role gameplay-wise;
      • Types:
        • Industrial lights: to illuminate important areas

Note: (in this latter there is only one because the game is a vertical slice and adding more would require more time which the team does not have)

Level Script:

Note[2]: (before continuing, due to the fact that during development and play-tests there might be the need to increase or decrease its match time, we work with relative times for the level script)

TPT = "Total Play Time"

So now that the TPT has explained as well as every ingredient, it is time to understand how they will synergize with the map during play time:

[Learning phase]

  • Playable game starts after all players have joined;
    • After a 3 seconds idling cooldown players have 10 seconds to grab the weapon on a corner (that would be highlighted through UI) or move around the map:
      • After that time has passed if players haven't entered the corner where the weapon is, or a single player has entered the corner before the time, they are teleported there;
        • And the game continues.

Both players have a change to know how the tiles are positioned before the combat.

[Early Combat]

  • Player starts with 5 consumables;
    • After the first death, a escape pod falls from the sky right in front of the respawned player, while 2 other escape pods fall in a random tile;
      • At the same time, some structure lights fall from the sky and illuminate the only altar to highlight it;
        • If the player manages to put 3 pickups in the altar he gains a single consumable.

Until the 1st death it is not possible to have the fastest movement.

This allows the gameplay to progress from less to more intense.

[Mid Combat]

  • Every 1/5 seconds of TPT players receive 5 consumables
    • this gives the player a cosy time range to use but not abuse the consumables
      • (more on it in the next article)
  • After 1/5 seconds of TPT escapes pods start falling from the sky every 1/30 seconds of TPT;
    • in total 24 should fall that gives ~ 3 pods per tile in the end.
  • At 1/3 seconds of TPT an altar falls from the sky;
    • with 2 altars in the map.

Players spend more time and have multiple goals, kill opponent and get consumables.

More tactical phase as pickups are hotspots and consumables are limited.

[Late Combat]

  • At 2/3 seconds of TPT another altar falls;
    • by the time the game ends there are 3 altars in the map).
  • After 4/5 seconds of TPT all escapes pods reset granting new pickups;
    • change of getting 18 more pickups, granting a total of 14 (8 + 6) consumables from pickups.

A more intense phase where saving consumables are not needed.

Both intensity and convenience as a late game goal.

Along with the level script there is also the player script and how the two systems work together which is going to be the next week topic.

So far it is all.
Hope to see you next time.

Zapowa Games Team!

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