Gameplay differences of Yuri's Revenge Redux when compared to vanilla Yuri's Revenge.

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In comparison to vanilla Yuri's Revenge.


  • All sides MCVs provides enough power to build a barracks and refinery before needing to build a power plant.
  • Anti Infantry units do less damage. (Desolator, Seal).
  • Seal and Tanya use a timed bomb similar to Ivan.
  • Bomb timers are longer to allow defusing with engineers.
  • Engineers are trainable after constructing a Service Depot or a Grinder.
  • A new unit Mechanic infantry is trainable after constructing a Service Depot or a Grinder, this unit can fix vehicles.
  • Dogs can swim and cross bodies of water.
  • Most units have a lower rate of fire and thus deal damage slower, giving the player a bit more time to micro-manage.
  • Industrial Plant, Ore Purifier and cloning vats are buildable at low tech levels, either after barracks or factory.
  • All sides get the Spy after constructing a radar or equivalent structure.
  • Radiation lasts a lot longer.
  • All sides get a supply depot structure after radar that produces income every 30 seconds.


  • Conscripts can cross water.
  • Sentry gun has been replaced by a flame thrower, which is anti-infantry and has a minimum range.
  • Tesla weapons can stun or freeze units for a second or two.
  • Terror Drone can deploy to transform into an invisible land mine, it explodes when enemy units come into contact and can freeze tanks for two seconds.
  • Demolition truck and terrorists deal more damage and can be manually detonated by deploying or pressing D.
  • Terrorists are disguised as conscripts to the opposing player.
  • Apocalypse tanks and Tesla tanks can fire while moving.
  • Iron curtain effect duration has been reduced to 9 seconds from 13.
  • Nuke missile deals more damage.


  • Tank Destroyer damage tuned to be more generalised and similar to Rhino tank.
  • Snipers can deploy to turn invisible but will be revealed when shooting.
  • Allied Paradrop gives 3 GI and 2 GGI instead of 6 GI.
  • France's Grand cannon behaves more like artillery, has reduced health and can't fire near its structure.
  • Prism towers have a support limit of 3 towers, thus additional towers are no longer wasted.
  • Battle Fortress damage bonus removed, health increased and can no longer crush tanks.
  • The prism tank has a slower rate of fire, can fire while moving.
  • Chronosphere range was reduced from 9 cells to 4 cells.
  • Weather storm damage, range and duration increased.


  • Gattling Tank damage to air units reduced.
  • Magnetron rate of fire reduced, can't fire up cliffs and all units have weight classes, meaning heavier units lift slower.
  • The mastermind mind control rate is slower.
  • Psychic Tower's mind control rate is slower.
  • Virus weapon range increased.
  • Chaos drone price reduced, chaos effect duration significantly reduced.
  • Units sent to the grinder will be available in the player's tech tree.
  • Yuri Clone acts as a SPY and can infiltrate structures.
  • Disk damage is reduced, disk can only drain a single power plant and not all, disks no longer drain base defences and fire upon them instead.
  • Genetic Mutator area of effect reduced.
  • Psychic Dominator area of effect increased, deals very little damage to structures, can mind control entire armies, has a firing delay.
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