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Time for a post release update on Galaxies at War.

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So...I hope everyone is enjoying GaW! I have had your feedback. Some of you are loving it, some of you have constructive criticism...and that's fine. Hopefully nobody hates it...

Anyways, I am working on a hotpatch to fix some balance issues, some missing strings, and a few tidbits. But...I would like to talk about the mod in general and how updates are going to be released.

There will be 3 different kinds of releases.


These downloads will include balance corrections, string corrections, new icons, and the sorts.


These downloads will include new ships, music, or models for currently existing factions.


These downloads will be massive additions to the mod. More often then not, a Phase download will add a new faction to the game.

Lets talk about troubleshooting.

This is an instructional video on how to install the mod. Ensure you have annotations enabled...and subscribe I guess. The video is best viewed on YouTube...

Anyways...I am working on some help for Steam Users so sit tight!

Sierra-Leader - - 3,713 comments

Me and my friend were modding your mod today and found a lot of ships not yet added.. why haven't you added them yet? how much of the mod is ripped off? % wise..

Loved the mod, thanks!


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NakedCrook Author
NakedCrook - - 269 comments

I do not appreciate the word ripped off Sierra. All of the content in this mod is used with permission and properly credited.

There was some cut content from the mod because I couldn't make it "fit".

I am glad you enjoy the mod, but please try and choose your words better.

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mapayne - - 621 comments

Sierra. Have you ever heard the term "work in progress"?? As in this mod is still a work in progress. i.e Its still being worked on. Anyone who's been modding for long enough knows to make an initial release which contains between 30% and 80% of the final versions content.

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Sierra-Leader - - 3,713 comments

Haha yeah. Sorry mates. :)

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Roboute-Guilliman - - 664 comments

lol i love the mod cant wat for ground battle and have a request if its not to hard to put in the mod is Starship Troopers because i love the series but no one has every made an rts were u control the bugs which if u did that it would be awesome plus open up cool space maps like Klendathu assault which has some cool space potential and ground maps or if you just as the bugs like mercs that would be awesome to go Arachnids :)

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NakedCrook Author
NakedCrook - - 269 comments

I can add some Starship troopers if ya want. I think there is a mod for it already if I am not mistaken. I will talk to the mod team and ask to add them in.

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Sierra-Leader - - 3,713 comments

There is a entire RELEASED mod for SST. Quite good too. <---

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ODST_General - - 257 comments

To be honest I would much rather see Mass Effect over SST if possible.

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obliterator789 - - 1,052 comments

when I saw your phasor particle effects, i *jizzed* my pants.

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