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Ok first chapter, may be mistakes or some such. If you see any PM them to me I guess.

A multiverse is now at war, several realities have begun to merge due to a rift in time and space. The realities of the multiverse can range in differences from a single being making a different movement in all of time to entire galaxies never coming to exist. The use of the Guardian of Forever a sentient being capable of sending travelers through time and space. An early design of the Guardian known as a quantum mirror, unlike the Guardian this device is not sentient and found in a different reality. While these objects were created by the same beings and capable of working at the same moment in multiple realities without causing a break in space and time, an unstable hyperspace tunnel created by a damaged Imperial Star Destroyer ended near where the Guardian and quantum mirror would be located creating the rift.

While at first the ­­rift only existed between the realities of the Federation, Empire, and Tau'ri. It was not long before the rift began to grow not only in other realities such as the reality that the Twelve Colonies belonged to, but a rift in time also occurred. It was not long before fighting broke out after each faction saw the others as invaders into their realities. Alliances were formed with former enemies to fight back the invaders and protect their own realities. However while fighting rages the rift grows bringing more galaxies into the war.

Chapter One

Commander Spock opens a communicator staring at the Guardian of Forever with a puzzled look "Spock to the Enterprise, captain it would seem the Guardian has...malfunctioned somehow. I suggest I beam back to the Enterprise to analyze the readings I was taking of the Guardian captain". "We experienced a spatial disturbance that seemed to emanate from the Guardian into Space, I suggest once you beam back on board you compare the readings Spock" Kirk calmly states while looking into a image of the planet as they orbit it. As Spock arrives on the bridge Kirk quickly briefs him on unusual readings coming from space near the Guardian's planet. "Intriguing, it is highly likely it is related to the incident with the Guardian. Though my findings were largely inconclusive it seems some external force seems to have moved the rift the Guardian creates. I suggest we immediately set course for the anomaly and investigate captain, there is no telling what could happen if the Guardian is no longer in control of the portal through space and time" said Spock with only the smallest hint of concern on his face. Kirk not even hesitating for a moment responds "Set course for the anomaly full warp, On two occasions the Guardian nearly changes all of our history. We cannot risk letting it loose in the galaxy, Mr. Spock I suggest you work quickly to find a way to get it back to the planet and under the control of the Guardian.

A small ground of human soldiers dressed in olive green drab and black armor beam down to the planet and surround a mirror "SG-4 here General O'niell, Sir are you sure its a wise idea to use the mirror after past experiences with it." Obviously annoyed by the question "We don't have much choice captain the SGC, Area 51, Atlantis are all working around the clock trying to find a cure for the disease. However we there has been no progress and perhaps are best chance isn't looking out in another galaxy but right back on Earth. You know you mission and I am not about to argue it, get it done captain." Captain Gray stood silent for a moment before signaling a member of his team to activate the gate and prepare to step through. He personally thought it would be easier to just bring the mirror to Earth and use it there rather then bring a MALP through and attempt to contact anyone on the other side. He shook his head as he though about the notion that it was to much of a risk to go directly to Earth due to some possible disease or possibility of capture but the pentagon somehow thought an alien world they knew so little about even in their own reality was safer. As the mirror was activated and they began to search for a number of realities a crack began to appear in the mirror, small and unnoticeable at first. It quickly grew large until the mirror itself completely splintered and fell to the ground shattered. Captain Gray attempted to contact the ship however the only response he got was a beam of light that filled the room with with its light. The beam dissipated to reveal a number of crew members, they were soon followed by another beam which revealed injured crew. It was quickly obvious to SG-4 that the ship had been damaged enough that they needed to evacuate though he was unsure why.

A young and uneasy officer appearing in his mid twenties paces before his station for a moment and occasionally stops to recheck the readings on a console before him. After doing this several times the young man sighs, running his hand through his combed back brown hair, and straightens his gray imperial navy uniform. He quickly approaches an older man standing near the front of the star destroyers bridge nearly tripping over himself several times before reaching his destination. "Captain Piett, we appear to be lost sir." the young officer says clearly fighting back fear in his voice. The young officer clears his voice before speaking again to the silent captain before him "...Sir I mean to say that the rebel attack caused our engines to destabilize during the hyperspace jump, however we cannot match this system to any of our navigational charts captain, the scanners were also damaged to some extent sir. They have detected a ship moving towards our location though they cannot make out what the ship actually is." Without turning to face the young officer the captain begins to speak in an indifferent voice "Its due to officers like yourself that the rebels were able to catch us off guard, I don't accept failures, troopers dispose of this bumbling idiot and someone get me a competent officer actually worthy of being a soldier in the Empire. Also I am sure that ship is likely the rebels, they think we are beaten but lets show them otherwise." As storm troopers drag the struggling young officer from the bridge the Captain moves for the first time since the ship dropped from hyperspace, moving from station to station as he begins to formulate his trap for the rebels.

"Uhura contact Star Fleet Command and let them know of the situation." taking a brief moment to swivel in his chair to face the front of the bridge he begins to speak once again. "Bring us to red alert, we don't know what to expect when we get there, but I am now about to be caught with my pants down." Spock raises his eyebrow as if he was going to question the phrase but his thoughts are interrupted as the ship goes to red alert. It is only moments before hundreds of crew begin to pour from their quarters and rec areas to get into uniforms and get to their stations. Even with crew running in every direction in a rush to get into position the halls do not feel chaotic. The stars around the ship begin shrinking from long streaking lines to the small twinkling lights that dot the backspace of space around the ship. The view screen fills not only with the image of stars returning to their normal appearance but also a large triangular ship and an even larger rift looming behind it. "Interesting, the ship does not match any ships on record in the Starfleet database captain. More so it appears the landscape surrounding the rift is changing." Spock states interrupting the thoughts of the bridge crew "Changing Mr. Spock?" Kirk echoes. Spock looking up from his console replies to the captains question "Yes captain, to what I do not know yet, it also seems the rift is growing larger." Kirk pauses for a moment thinking to himself, then repeating his thoughts out loud. "You said the malfunction of the Guardian was unknown? Perhaps that ship is the missing link, Uhura open hailing frequency to the other ship." Uhura flicks away at switches before responding "No response from the other vessel captain, would you like me to send out an open hail sir?" Kirk simply nods staring at the ship as if trying to decipher its origins by its architecture. After Uhura opens the hail to any ships in the area Kirk finally once again speaks. "Unknown vessel this is Captain Kirk of the U.S.S. Enterprise please respond.........close hailing frequency. Lower shields and prepare to send an away team over to the other ship, it may be our only clue to what caused this rift." As the Enterprise lowered its shields and moved in to beam the away team to the unknown ship it lights on board began to wink to life as the vessel powered up again. Before the Enterprise could bring its shields back online once again the unknown vessel began to fire its weapons.

A slight smile crossed the face of Captain Piett as he watched the rebel vessel float dead in space. The chief weapons officer turned to look at the captain "Should I finish them off sir?" The smile disappearing from his face almost as quickly as it came, the captain replied back in a stern voice "No I want the ships computers and anyone alive on the crew for questioning." Due to the small size of the ships docking bay and the star destroyers engines being disabled tie fighters were sent to board the ship instead in the hopes of securing one of their shuttles or escape pods to transport prisoners and information. Captain Piett was becoming frustrated from the lack of response from the boarding party and was preparing to send a second before a response in the form of a holo message finally came. Before Piett was the image of a small blue transparent tie fighter pilot who wasted no time getting to the point "Captain we do not know how to use the computers, its unlike anything used in the Empire, and I have never even seen the rebels use it. More so we found what appears to be the bridge of this ship sir, our attack seems to have disabled life support through most of the ship. We did find a few survivors as well as shuttles. Like the ship they are unlike anything I have seen before, however we will have the prisoners pilot them back to the star destroyer sir." The captain thought for a moment "I don't want them causing any trouble for you pilot, I will make an example to them once your off the...rebel ship." "Yes sir!" The pilot quickly nodded before his image faded away.

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