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Watch the gameplay of the tutorial section from Yokai and post a comment in our blog if you want to play it!

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Hello guys! Here's another video for Yokai.

This time is the tutorial section of the game. Audio sync and some slowdowns caused by the recording... and a typo in the tutorial that we only saw after uploading the video :P
Because the demo is taking more time than we anticipated, we are considering releasing this section of the game for download, but we don't know if it's fun enough to make people want to play it...

What do you think? Do you want to try it? If you do, post a comment in our blog and we will release it considering the number of comments.

Take care!

kazumo - - 1,174 comments

Great job, it looks great.

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willy-wilson - - 50 comments

Ide say wait, this is your baby if you release to early people will get the wrong idea in terms of play, and may lose interest. Wait till you have a little bit more to offer and leave people wanting more.

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Jokerme - - 1,170 comments

Looks pretty sweet. I'd wait for the complete demo though. This tutorial section may be good for seeing how the game runs and how good the controls are, but I still prefer to wait for a proper level.

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wiiandthekid - - 19 comments

let me at it!!!

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bloocheese565 - - 17 comments

Looks fantastic!

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PeteGrammarman - - 1 comments

As much as I would like to play this, I vote wait. You wouldn't want anyone to lose interest by only letting them play the learning portion of the game.

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Kronoseid - - 1 comments

I like the look of the artwork so far. If it manages to have mechanics and a storyline that are equally interesting, you can color me intrigued.

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aerozol - - 179 comments

I'm not really interested in just playing a tutorial. If it's a very small download, perhaps, but you really need to release something 'fun' to play, otherwise you're going to get a mediocre response.

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VoxExMachina - - 1 comments

A lot of it is determined by what you hope to get out of opening it up to players. Do you want beta/usability testing? Then maybe it's worth it, if you explicitly make it clear that it's a pre-alpha build. Let people opt in, rather than just broadcasting it wherever.

For what it's worth, I'd play this, with the understanding that it's pre-alpha.

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kaskade - - 68 comments

If there's any challenge in the bit you want to release, release it. If not, there's not much sense in it, IMHO.

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2badcompany Author
2badcompany - - 9 comments

Thank you all for the feedback ;)

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HyperDuck - - 5 comments

I think I'd side with the common feedback here! People are on the money with it, I think a full demo would be much more fulfilling, but already it does look superb. The sound effects seem a bit out of place for the high quality of the artwork, it seems like the sound design would fit a more pixelated style of game.

Also I don't know why, but the music grated on me pretty quickly. Maybe it just needs to be a longer theme perhaps, not sure. In any case, glad shared this as I really like the look of it, will watch on and best of luck to you guys!

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mxtomek - - 142 comments

looks verry nice - i wanna play :)

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eternalgamer - - 1 comments

Personally I'd play the game but would like it to be a bit faster paced in the movement and animations. Seems a tad bit slow.

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Kenseiden - - 7 comments

I really really liked the music.

As for the tutorial... I think its ok, besides the fact you have to stop everytime to read the tips.

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9heads - - 247 comments

Reduce the words and put images of the buttons.

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GloveGames - - 17 comments

Amazing job on the artwork!

Agree with Helia though ^ let players discover what the buttons do themselves, no one wants to wade through unnecessary text when they first jump into a game.

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Android-Music - - 3 comments

Hell Yeah, I wanna play it!!! It's just so sweeeeeet.... :3 Btw I use Construct Classic too! Cheers, colleagues! ;)

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