I am [probably no longer] available to do concept art and logos for mods and games. [But feel free to] contact me to see if I'm busy and interested in your game/idea. A big Thank You! to everyone who works so hard on the indies I enjoy.

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Hey world.
I'm Simon, I'm 22, and a design student. I'm also an avid internet lurker, gamer, freeskiier, comic reader, audiophile, procrastinator etc etc

I've been doing some design work for some people in various places, trying to get a portfolio together, including some paid work developing student resources here in New Zealand.
The reason I'm making this blog here is to try and get more work for myself, helping modders, involving Logos and Concept Art. I enjoy working for free on fun things that interest me personally, just as much as I enjoy following other peoples mods.
This blog is also so I can look back at my work, and possibly migrate some of it to a personal site once I get it sorted and onto it.
I will also try to make this a monthly blog, so I can make sure I get some stuff done each month, instead of sitting on my lazy ass playing browser based mmorpgs... Hope it works!

So, if you like what you see, and want something done, please Message me!
If I'm interested in your project, I will do my best to be a benefit to your team.
And please note, I'm only selectively uploading parts of my development onto this blog. There's much more work that goes into a finished logo (;

Six Degrees Studios Logo
This was a logo I developed for an indie game publishing group, that got started over on Underground Gamer. They've just started, but I look forward to the results we'll see from them.

And here's the final that they're currently using:

Custom Content Logo
This was a few logos I sent to HappyConscript for his 'Custom Content' set of content for The Haunted.
I was mainly playing with some different ideas, as this was unsolicited work, just to be doing something for ModDB, and nothing got fully developed, but I still enjoyed some of the results:

Especially when I decided to let myself go, and mess around:

He wasn't interested in using any, but I'm happy that he got a few ideas and concepts from them.

Healthy Relationships Resources
This basically involved the design of Interactive (Flash) Resources, Workbooks, Teachers Guides, Logo (soon) etc, for an educational pack for Disabled students in NZ schools, and maybe internationally.
It was developed for Kidpower Teenpower Fullpower Trust NZ, with funding by the New Zealand Ministry of Justice.

While I put the majority of my time and effort into this resource over the past year (minus the ski season), and I couldn't possibly praise the contents of what Kidpower NZ has worked on in here highly enough, I don't think ModDB is it's target audience (;
If you are interested in seeing more anyway, visit the Healthy Relationships web page Here.

TCbasic Website Development
This website is a personal project of mine, started years ago. It's a help site for a browser based text game, called Torn City, that gets a shit load of hits basically, and takes up far to much of my time.

But at least I can do what I want, and be slack on planning and presentation:

And then go ahead and just do what I want:

Which usually doesn't turn out too bad:

There's currently a special 'zombie' logo version on the Site, for an in-game event, and you can also check out the current Theme there, which I'm hoping to replace with This One, very soon.

Thanks for reading, and hopefully I'll have some new stuff for you next month!
If I don't, you can only blame yourself, for not contacting me with lots of work to do!
I also don't care if it's not ModDB related enough. That's also your fault >.>
Or you can blame me anyway, for being a lazy mofo.




Hello, I like what you have shown so far. It is always interesting to see how a finished idea was formed.

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Lol I saw you had problems burning Half-Life to Dreamcast and just saw your message on my profile. Sorry you had to wait 10 days to get it to work.

Just so you know, the Half-Life base code is left on the cdi file and is edited with the mods content so it playes like it is a standalone full game on a Dreamcast. :)

I hardly check my profile, so sorry I didn't see you needed help earlier.

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Thanks for watching II, I'll post more information soon.

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