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CHECK BACK AT 6AM PST: After six months of hard work and planning, the day is finally here.

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After six months of hard work and planning, the day is finally here. We have 30 days to raise $40,000 – with your help we can make XO the best game it can be. The first backer tier starts at just $10, and there are a few early bird rewards, so hurry over to our Kickstarter page before they run out! The first 3 days are the most important... statistically the more you can raise in that time, the better the chance are you'll succeed. So if you're into the game, please don't delay!

Earlier this year, we announced XO on Square Enix Collective: a curated platform that enables creators to post ideas, and gamers to judge whether those ideas should become reality or not. The community voted in our favor, and now the Collective has decided to support us during our Kickstarter – while allowing us to retain our IP and full creative control.

To be clear: we're not getting money from Square Enix.

The Collective is good for us because we’re a small team with limited resources. They’ve provided guidance on XO’s production, and helped us refine our marketing strategy.

The Collective is good for you because they put us through a detailed assessment review. You can rest assured knowing that Square Enix is confident in our abilities, and that we're putting your money to good use!

square enix collective approved

We're still the new guys in town, and Portland has been really good to us. We want to celebrate the kick-off with our hometown, so we've teamed up with Portland Indie Game Squad to throw a launch party at Lucky Lab NW tonight! We'll also be live-streaming the event courtesy of our friends at Intel... I'll update this post with a link when it's ready, so be sure and check back later tonight.

We'll have a playable build of XO, and 20+ other indie games to check out. Some of our friends from Seattle are coming down too, including Starr Mazer, Tiny Build, and Stumbling Cat! It's free to get in, and goes from 6pm-11pm.


Also, we're now live on Steam Greenlight, and we need your votes to get our game on the biggest digital PC gaming marketplace in the world! Please check out the page, and vote “yes” for XO. I'll be very active on Twitter, Facebook, and of course our Kickstarter page for the next month, let's keep the conversation going!<!-- I'll include indieDB, reddit, etc wherever I'm posting this to include that community. -->

- Corey Warning

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