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Making progress is slow, so I decided to lay out the Beta version. Completely new UI, improved graphics, new effects and more.

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XJedi Reborn 4 Beta Released
Making progress is slow, so I decided to lay out the Beta version.
Over time, I will release a full version.

UI (user interface)
UI (ingame leftside menu beta) UI (rightside serve info beta) UI Setup
- Completely new, a minimum of clicks, maximum functionality.
- Profile (at the start of the map) is no longer displayed.
- Antialiasing font Arial Bold by Alvio Wayne + Typomoderno Bold by Alvio Wayne, text looks good and readable both in 640x480 and in HD.
- Widescreen fix, you can use the game in widescreen mode without switching to the standard (autoexec.cfg, solo mode does not work).
- Type "Siege" is not changed.

Weapons (Blaster DC-15S & WESTAR-34)
- Blaster pistol replaced by WESTAR-34
- E11 replaced by Blaster DC-15S
- Imperial rifle replaced by a blaster rifle DC-15A

Effects & Other
Chat bubble (shield) Lightsaber tail Effects (explosion)
- Chat bubble (shield)
- Cinematic Saber Clash and sounds
- Realistic Saber Trails (by Austin Renner reworked by Alvio Wayne)
- New sounds of swords and weapons.
- lagometr & lag icon background fix

At the moment, some of the menus have not changed much:

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