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A new release for the new year! This release adds the Earth Federation faction back into the MOD with the forces that they used to defeat NOD from Australia during the One Week War in our story.

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This release shows off the beauty that is the Earth Federation UC forces in the Xenoforce Reborn mod as well as fixes many bugs from the NOD and Scrin faction sides. To give a bit of history of what this release means in the game -

After the Firestorm Crisis there were a sub-faction inside of GDI that were upset over the outcome. These political leaders of the sub-faction were upset over the need to partner with NOD as well as the direction GDI's military leaders were heading in. GDI's original purpose had been abandoned in favor of global rule, and the nation leaders of this sub-faction had come to realize they had given the keys to their countries away willingly on the promise that GDI could stop global terrorism and destroy the Tiberium Threat. The simple fact that GDI had started to team with the same terrorists that they were built to destroy was the last straw.

However only one nation in the sub-faction had the funding, the power, and the ability to build a new army, a hidden army, and the political clout to break away from GDI and not worry about direct reprisal from GDI. This was the beginning of the Earth Federation, and that nation was the United States of America.

A few days after the end of the CABAL Crisis, with both GDI and NOD forces weakened from the war, the United States launched a large fleet of capitol ships from a secret base in California. These ships flew directly to Australia, a continent that was largely still under the control of NOD. The United States threw everything they had built at NOD. As the ships landed on Australia the forces of NOD attacked, using their Tick Tanks to produce mobile defensive turrets, Stealth Tanks making hit and run attacks, and Mobile Artillery raining shells down upon the ships as they tried to land.


But all of that did not matter. As these ships landed they opened their bay doors and a new technology never seen before on Earth walked onto the battlefield. This technology was called the Mobile Suit, and the most powerful of this tech was called the Gundam. These suits made quick work of NOD. The Gundams were made from a type of metal which made the artillery and tick tanks attacks virtually worthless, and many of the suits were equipped with stealth detection technology allowing them to see and allow other suits to see the Stealth Tanks and wipe them out. The first skirmish between NOD and the US was a slaughter that lasted only 15 minutes, with only a dozen Mobile Suits falling to the forces of NOD.


Over the next week the ships and suits crossed Australia wiping NOD out as they went. During this time the US stood up and publicly delivered their message, that they were no longer a part of GDI and that if any nation which wanted to also leave and follow the original purpose of GDI, to destroy terrorist threats across the globe and rid the earth of Tiberium would be accepted into the new Earth Federation they were able to also offer something of value in return, be it resources, strategic location, or anything else that the EF may need. In the end NOD surrendered Australia to the new Earth Federation and escaped to Russia, the only other country in the world that was large enough and strong enough to not only accept the fleeing forces of NOD but also motivated enough to stand up to the United States. Even under GDI neither Russia or the United States got along very well so Russia was the perfect location to escape to.

After NOD left Australia the US left a large protective force behind and began the task of giving Australia back to its original governmental body and in turn the new Australia Government became the first new member of the Earth Federation.

This brings us to the release. The EF forces in this release are the UC side of the EF and a bit of DOME. You will get access to GM's, Gundams, and more. The AI is fully functional, with many different tactics reprogrammed in. And I do suggest you try your hand against the new NOD AI that I have programmed in, EXPERIMENTAL XENO AI, it is a lot tougher than I expected.

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