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Flying With Gauss is proud to announce new release of Xash3D FWGS.

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Xash3D FWGS 0.19.1

Downloads in the Files section or on GitHub or on Google Play.


  • Android: Due to possible copyright issues, game is now inverted by Y axis
  • Added world VBO renderer: faster BSP rendering
  • Added engine-side bump mapping. Requires VBO renderer enabled.
  • Added RoDir feature: possibility to use game data from read-only storage
  • Added FileSystem API: internal filesystem is now exposed to custom DLLs. Used in filesystem_stdio_xash experimental project.
  • Added simple software screen strobing for monitors with high update frequency(thanks to @fuzun)
  • Added software gamepad deadzones control
  • Engine now use mainui_cpp for game menus by default
  • Added ui_renderworld cvar to render world in game menus
  • Added game connecting and HTTP downloading progress window
  • Added mouse autodetect code for evdev
  • Added TGA icon loading for SDL2 version
  • Added PulseAudio property, so engine now properly named in volume control software
  • Added touch emulation for client-only touch menus
  • Added macro XASH_INTERNAL_GAMELIBS for platforms that does not store game libraries in game resources
  • Added resource list caching
  • Added ban by IP and XashID(introduced in 0.19)
  • Added multiple master server lists
  • Added Auto-downloading dependencies, enabled by default only for Visual Studio
  • Added Menu API extension: pfnGetModeString to get list of available video modes
  • Added -daemonize command line argument to POSIX style daemonize, useful for servers
  • Added systemd unit(thanks to @the-swank)
  • Added possibility to set password on server
  • Added command and cvar restriction flag to don't allow server break user's configuration
  • Added nonlinear look feature for touch screens
  • Added r_underwater_distortion cvar to control underwater distortion level.
  • Added userinfo penalty time to ignore userinfo spamming(too fast model or name changing).
  • Added SDL GameController API support. Old Joystick API can be accessed with "-sdl_joy_old_api" command line argument.
  • Added command line arguments for setting dimensions/fullscreen mode(thanks to @x6herbius)
  • Added update notify
  • Added XashDS builds for Fedora/CentOS/openSUSE and ArchLinux in our OBS.
  • Update mpg123 library from latest original Xash3D
  • Fixed "disconnect" message being accepted from third-party server
  • Fixed BloodSprite code, now it matches GoldSrc
  • Fixed CL_IsThirdPerson crash.
  • Fixed changing world model through pfnSetModel
  • Fixed crash on pfnWriteString(NULL)
  • Fixed crash if client dll uses prediction data in rendering on first frame
  • Fixed possible userinfo key and value overflow and losing important userinfo keys
  • Fixed recursive basedirs
  • Fixed compability with GoldSrc monitoring protocol(thanks to @elektrovolk)
  • Fixed possible game freezes during domain name resolution, it's now done in separate thread
  • Fixed build with NanoGL and gl-wes-v2 for CMake
  • Fixed rare cut of few bits in CL_WritePacket
  • Fixed: "speak" & "spk" commands use VOX for text
  • Fixed: VGUI now respects hud_scale value
  • Fixed crash when GL_EXT_compiled_vertex_array is not available(thanks to @CecilHarvey)
  • Fixed CenterPrint if hud_scale is enabled
  • Fixed lag compensation, now it completely works
  • Fixes for interpolation, to match GoldSrc behaviour in some cases
  • Fixes for AMXModX compability(thanks to @the-swank)
  • VGUI support DLL is now potentially cross-platform
  • MIPS BigEndian: added partial support
  • amd64: improvements in string_t handling
  • Android: added links opening support
  • Android: added game installation guide
  • Android: added experimental feature to change game resolution(use with caution!)
  • Android: suggest switch to RoDir, if storage is read-only
  • Android: fixed shellcode in evdev code
  • Android: custom cs16client builds don't allowed anymore
  • Changed EntTools behaviour. Game DLL can use enttools command names, if enttools is disabled
  • Debian/Ubuntu: proprietary VGUI and support DLL moved to separate package libvgui
  • Removed experimental On-Screen keyboard support
  • Removed hardware gamma support
  • gl_allow_mirrors is disabled for GLES targets
  • s_combine_channels renamed to s_combine_sounds
  • s_combine_sounds is now disabled by default, due to breaking stereo sound.
  • Other minor fixes

keep up the good work, maybe in the future i can play half life in my microwave XD

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