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X20 Mod 1.10 is now available, and compatible with UP 11.2! (Sorry I skipped 1.9)

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X20 1.10 is updated! This edition is designed for compatibility with VTMB Unofficial Patch 11.2 Final.

I let my schedule get away from me and forgot to post 1.9 (UP 11.1) here, so this is a bit of a catch-up post covering the content of both updates.

X20 Basic can be used with any mod, but X20 Plus is designed specifically for the Unofficial Patch. Note that Plus does not contain the textures from Basic: you'll need to download both Basic and Plus for the full experience.

More comparison images available in the gallery:

A tapestry from Confession, hanging in the Malkavian Maze

A tapestry from Club Confession, hanging in the Malkavian Maze

Collier's Lilith, with improved resolution

Collier's Lilith, with improved resolution

Catching up with X20 1.9:

  • Hollywood: Tweaked some details in a Vesuvius sign for legibility
  • Hollywood: UP 11.1 replaces a video tape with a film canister; gave it an improved texture.
  • +General: Updated 10 files for compatibility with UP 11.1
  • +General: Removed 2 files; my changes no longer necessary due to changes made in 11.1
  • +General: Tweaked quest material for better comprehension
  • +General: Some grammar corrections
  • +General: Changed some obsolete pop culture references in unidentifiable item text
  • +Santa Monica: Fixed typo in Beckett dialogue. Thanks for the heads up, LordUra!
  • +Santa Monica: Switched temps around to make it more obvious which freezer is unusual
  • +Santa Monica: Shrecknet honeypot
  • +Hollywood: Some familiar names in the Hollywood Celebrity Database
  • +Hollywood: Changed text on easter egg laptop; people kept looking for the printer
  • +Chinatown: Additional Fu backstory

And in X20 1.9.1:

  • +Santa Monica: Fixed mistake that caused werewolf blood quest to break. Sorry! If you fix mid-game and the quest doesn't trigger after reading the email, type "werewolfBloodQuestAssigned()" into the console.

And now finally for 1.10:

  • Hollywood: Changed carved graffiti in Ground Zero
  • Hollywood: Prague billboard as ref to VTM Bloodhunt
  • +General: Cleaned up some language and formatting in computers, notes, and item descs (26 files)
  • +General: Added 13.7% more whimsy in some item descs (3 files)
  • +General: A little additional lore in item descs, as a treat (5 files)
  • +General: Updated for compatibility with UP 11.2 (14 files)
  • +Downtown: Fixed and clarified apt locations in Hannah's appt book
  • +Giovanni: Changed a pejorative in Nadia dialog

X20 Basic 1.10:

X20Mod 1.10 Basic

X20 Plus 1.10:

X20Mod 1.10 Plus

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