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X20 Mod 1.8 is here! Compatible with Unofficial Patch 11.0.

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X20 1.8 is updated and designed for compatibility with VTMB Unofficial Patch 11.0 Final.

X20 Basic can be used with any mod, but X20 Plus is designed specifically for the Unofficial Patch. Note that Plus does not contain the textures from Basic: you'll need to download both Basic and Plus for the full experience.

More comparison images in the gallery, mostly from Hollywood:

Hollywood: Tap Hotel

Gary's haven now shows a Tap Hotel poster from his Hollywood heyday

Hollywood: Weise Collection

Bus stop poster for the Katherine Weise Collection. Now we know who owns the Gallery Noir paintings.

Currently on X20 1.8:

  • General: O'Tolley's is breaking into the carbonated beverage market, thanks to Cyanide Studio
  • Downtown: Uprezzed 5 of the prince's paintings (one is reused at the Chantry, and breaks there if the resolution is changed, so I left it alone)
  • Downtown: Uprezzed Grout's paintings with the eyes scratched out
  • General/Downtown: Nocturne Theatre's running an Elegant Pictures marathon, in celebration of the release of Fast Travel Space on DVD. Thanks to the FastTravelGames crew for the assets!
  • +19 files updated for compatibility with UP 11.0
  • +General: Tweaked some verbiage in the haven PC, plus prep for a new feature?
  • +General: Updated X20 portion of end credits
  • +Santa Monica: Therese's computer may indicate I've been playing Control lately
  • +Downtown: Fixed Luckee Star room number in Hannah's appt book
  • +Hollywood: Added some familiar names in the Hollywood Celebrity Database
  • +Chinatown: Tweaked some cringier dialogue options

Hollywood: Asp Hole interior

Removed the AURYN from the Neverending Story, replaced with the tri-snake logo from the Vampire: The Eternal Struggle CCG.

X20 Basic 1.8:

X20Mod 1.8 Basic

X20 Plus 1.8:

X20Mod 1.8 Plus

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