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Five days after the initial release and we have our next versoion, I would say it is a small update but you probably wouldn't say so when you look at the file size.

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X1: Past and Future mod Beta 1.1

For X3: Terran Conflict

Warning!!! This is a beta release so there might be still some more bugs that I have missed.

Update Information:

This is a vital update for the graphics or the mod. On the 15/04/2009 I was notified by Street21309 who said:

Street21309 wrote: Everythings running good except for one thing...Cant get some of the custom graphics for the weapons to work. For example instead of the CMOD3 Gauss Cannon smoke trail...Its just a yellow bullet and nothing else.

The second I go to the original game (With no mods) The weapon effects work, but the moment I load up this mod they dont work.

So I went in game to see if there was a problem with the mod, I immediately found out it was something I over looked when I tested it.

The fix was easy, I just basically rewrote the effects file. The difficult bit was trying to make the patch small enough, in the end I failed. The reason I failed to make it smaller was that the effects file was in the main 352mb archive which I had to include so sorry about that.

Combat Mod 3 changes:
>EMP energy requirement reduced to 40 (for m5)
>Weight of 1gj shield reduced to 70
>Weight of 2gj shield reduced to 150
>Weight of PSP reduced to 125
>Speed of PSP increased to 480m/s
>Max range of PSP increased to 7.2km
>Shield Damage/minute of EMPC increased to 325K/m
>Fire rate of EMPC increased to 90 rpm
>Starburst flak effect implemented
>New Starburst explosion effect (performance)
>Muzzle flash for PSP


Mirror download from external site: Download (EXE) [110mb file size]

Please note:

  • You DO NOT need to install the previous version for this to work. This is a complete mod.
  • You DO NOT need to uninstall the previous version as this installer will over write the existing files.
  • The mod may not be save game compatible so I suggest you back them up, as I do not actually play TC I did not have a save game to test it with so if anyone would like to try it with the save game and report back it would be helpful.
  • Some mods and scripts may not be compatible but I have not tested any, that is why we have a beta Wink.

Change log:
-> Fixed graphics
-> Updated to the latest Combat Mod 3.

Installation Instructions:

  1. Download the mod
  2. Open the exe
  3. Go though the exe and make sure the path to x3tc is correct
  4. Once finished the install, start x3tc
  5. Go to select mod, the x1pf
  6. Press ok, then have some fun I hope.

Featuring the Combat Mod (Final Version):

Video made by ulfius and was not recorded in my mod.

Thanks to:

- Ulfius for the Combat Mod
- LV for the RRF mod
- DIGSIN for the converted EMP mod
- TXU for the continued support
- Moddb for the advertising and hosting.
- Street21309 for reporting the graphics bug

Planed for future versions:

  • All x2 ships in game
  • More future type ships
  • Scripts such as the bulk shipyard
  • More work done to the HUD and Icons
  • Hopefully different music
  • Missions
  • Stuff like that Wink


On another note, Looks cool, although i can't really try it out since i only have reunion. What does the combat mod do though?

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SSwamp_Trooper Author

makes combat last longer, better cap ship battles, balances some weapons and best of all makes TC run better. One of its goals is optimising the FPS during battle so you not watching a slide show :D.

Thats why the mod it is on my TC Performance Index aswell:

For more information about the CMOD3 go here:

there is also a earlier version of the combat mod on reunion here:

Bit of advertising for ulfius (CMOD creator) :)

The CMOD just provides the combat side of my x1pf mod ;0

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