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The very first release of the x1pf mod has come. It provides you with new ships, better graphics, better combat, race conflicts and much more.

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X1: Past and Future mod

For X3: Terran Conflict

Warning!!! This is a beta release so there might be still some more bugs that I have missed.


This mod combines all the x time periods into one, there is xbtf, x2, x3, x3tc and some future type of ships that can be bought, captured and blown up by you.

One main aspect of the mod you will notice especially in the screenshots is the graphics. I have tried my best to give the x3tc graphics new life and tried to make them as I imagined the X series should be.

You may of tried ulfius's combat mod, well if you liked it or not, you are going to have to use it in this mod. The CMOD 3 is the main component of the mod providing new weapon effects, longer battles and better performance. Thanks to ulfius for allowing me to combine it. (see what the combat mod does).

Also thank you to LV for allowing me to use his RRF mod, it provides good battles among the races and brings the combat mod more to the game Wink.

Beta Features:

- Sorry no XBTF/X1 Ships yet.
- All argon X2 ships in game.
- Two 'future' argon ships available.
- A xbtf style map providing more battles but with better performance and no khaak or terrans.
- Improved graphics
- As this is the first version I had to start of small that's why I don't have all the x2 ships in game .
- I will let you find the rest....

Latest Screenshots:


Mirror download from external site: Download (EXE) [110mb file size]


Please tell us the Tech Support area.

Thanks to:

- Ulfius for the Combat Mod
- LV for the RRF mod
- DIGSIN for the converted EMP mod
- TXU for the continued support
- Moddb for the advertising and hosting.

Please note:

- The mod may not be save game compatible so I suggest you back them up, as I do not actually play TC I did not have a save game to test it with so if anyone would like to try it with the save game and report back it would be helpful.

- Some mods and scripts may not be compatible but I have not tested any, that is why we have a beta Wink.

Installation Instructions:

  1. Download the mod
  2. Open the exe
  3. Go though the exe and make sure the path to x3tc is correct
  4. Once finished the install, start x3tc
  5. Go to select mod, the x1pf
  6. Press ok, then have some fun I hope.

Planed for future versions:

  • All x2 ships in game
  • More future type ships
  • Scripts such as the bulk shipyard
  • More work done to the HUD and Icons
  • Hopefully different music
  • Missions
  • Stuff like that Wink

"Planed for future versions:
Hopefully different music "

X-BTF music? I will definitely download this mod if it will have X1 music!

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SSwamp_Trooper Author

Yes i'm wanting different music and I will have a look at moving some xbtf music over, if anyone wants to make some alternative music I would like the help as that is one thing I can not do :(

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