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The X system is a public licensed MOD scripting system, developed by the 9CCN MOD production team. System author: Xangle13, 9CCN MOD production team main programmer.

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Though different with most of Homeworld2 modifications, Free Mod still needs a system to make the script run more convenient, that is to make every ship in the game included in a SobGroup alone. Here are what I've done after having applied this amazing system:

-New method to dock: now players can select a ship and then press the key to dock with. The game will let you know if there are no selected ships, or can't dock with selected ship(s).

-New method to launch missiles and torpedos: Similar method with docking. If selected ships can not be attacked by locked missile or torpedo; out of range; are friendly or no selected ships at all, then the game will tell you. (Launching missiles at third person! :))

More goals can be reached by using X System! Special thanks to 9CCN and Xangle13.
(See more details about X system at:

HornetS - - 553 comments

Nice! Are you going to make the turanic raiders missile corv now that you have a better missile system?

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Raygoza - - 1,639 comments

That was something smart to say.

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HW_Lover Author
HW_Lover - - 104 comments

Ahhh...I do prepare to add controllable corvette(s) in Version 0.06 but they will be original ones...I need to build up the frame first, and then add more elements, including ship models from other mods if permitted because I have no idea how to make wonderful models and put them into the game...:(

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Nathanius - - 2,305 comments


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BlazingAngelz - - 437 comments

Holy smokes..

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HornetS - - 553 comments

I will be happy with whatever you put out. This mod looks great (haven't gotten it to work for me yet tho).

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