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So guys in a few days is X-Mas. And now heres our Update:

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Christmas, everyone get presents. Now We give you a present, too. In a few days the Future Tech General Beta version comes out and you can est and play it. We Included a lot of new things, like an iproved Paradrop or the Skull Crusher. Yea as I say in the render of the Skull Crusher, every general gets a Super Unit and a new building that you have to build before you can build the Super Unit. Here is the list of this:

Future Tech General:
Exkalibur Powerplant -> Skull Crusher (6 Cannons, Build Units on Field)

Air and Combat General:
Weapons Research Centre -> Flying Fortress (Gunship, lots of Machineguns and Roketpods)

Superweapons and Special Forces:
Tactics Centre(not the Vannila one) -> Task Force Stirke Team (Combined with the Paradropplane very powerfull, Comes with Specialized Infantry and some Specieal Humvees and Tanks)

Electronic and Chemical Warfare General:
Electronic Researchplant -> Tesla Fortres (Huge Tank, Teslaweapon kills Air and Ground)

Atillery and Nuke General:
Nuclear Researchplant -> Doomgiver (Atillery Tank, Fire a Salve of Nukeshells over the whole Map)

Massproducion General:
Industryplant -> Earth Crusher(Moving Fortress, Gattling for Anti Infantry and Anti Air, big Cannon for Anti Tank)
Terrorcells and Sneak General:
Stealth Centre -> Stealth Tank (Stealthed, Rocketpods and Sniper)

Explosives and Airstirke General:
TNT Research Centre -> Tiger Suicide Plane (Big Plane, Armed with a Dirty Nuke)

Insurrection General:
Marketplace -> Angry Mob (Improved, can arm the Mob with different weapons)

So that's it for this Time.

Our Mod Team wishes you a Marry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

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