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XDM3038 was successfully released less than a month ago. Now, it is time to confirm its OpenSource status: sources are being released into the wild!

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X-Half-Life: Deathmatch

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Source code and SDK released!

XDM3038 Title

XDM is a classic UT-style all-in-one Half-Life modification which is known by its weapons, game rules, maps and special effects. Last release (3038) included dedicated single/co-operative mission. Change log was so large I didn't risk citing it in the article.


Since XDM is an opensource project, many people want to use it as a platform for their own mods. And they have good reasons to do so! :) After release of the game itself, the SDK release was deliberately delayed to collect and fix as many problems as possible. Now it's time to release the Software Development Kit (SDK) and code to the public!


The SDK package includes documentation, sources of maps, models, textures, sprites, user interface templates, even soundtrack in ImpulseTracker format! Lots of tools included. Map compiler (VHLT) 32 and 64-bit versions. Model compiler with texture transparency support. Direct BMP to SPR converter.
This SDK will be useful not only for XDM modders, but generally for all Half-Life modders.

SDK can be downloaded here:

X-Half-Life Deathmatch SDK

Source code is available separately here:

X-Half-Life Deathmatch Source Code

It has been updated a little since the release of XDM 3038 because release was made in a hurry and just had to have some errors. :) There are updated binaries (DLLs) there. The installer is protected against unauthorized use, instructions inside.

Fixed since last release:

  • Ammo, items, weapons were not respawning correctly when mp_defaultitems is empty.
  • Important/quest items were removed when player was disintegrated, telefragged or disconnected.
  • Weapon box counted weapons even if they were not unpacked to player.
  • Weapon box now does not store ammo names, only indexes - solves string reallocation problem.
  • Ammo of exhaustible weapons was added while weapons were not.
  • Ammo types are now saved with game and merged when ammotypes.txt is changed. (Untested)
  • Some effects were not drawn parallel to surfaces as intended (SQB).
  • RPG rocket wrong angles and taret loss (SQB).
  • Bots angles (pitch) when aiming or following (SQB).
  • "too many particles" error hidden to level 3
  • "GetNextBestItem(%d) == WEAPON_NONE!" warning that was caused by bad weapon status on server.
  • Entities no longer respawn after being deleted by action command.
  • Award name localization in statistics window.
  • Some projectiles now produce sound when colliding with water.
  • trigger_teleport endless loop when target is changed externally.
  • env_flamespawner created clouds with yellow particles for no reason.
  • gibs placed with "body" < 0 would disappear.

PS: SDK two days after the rise of Ryzen? Coincidence? :D


I am a follower of Half-Life, and I often play games on this site: . I hope the new version of Half-Life will bring a lot of interesting new experience

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