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Release of the Patch 1 for the WW4 Modpack 2.5 , fixing the problems reported by the users with the release of the mod. Require the WW4 Modpack 2.5

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Available on ModDB :

The Patch 1 does the following :

-fixed : WW4 West Recon troops have their complete wound texture now
-fixed : the turret of the WW4 West HMMWV in 1st person view is now turning correctly
-fixed : the East WW4 Armor BTR999 floats a bit higher on water to prevent nearly invincibility against missiles
-fixed : the strange bug that made the M202A1 flash launcher to crash when firing for some people
-added : a rocket launcher version of the M202A1 (West -> Men -> Flash Grenadier 2 )
-fixed : the Javelin/Vympel/SMAW left a wrong model for when you put down a missile, went back to default OFP model
-fixed : the AN-94+PSO had a very badly defined firemode that was crashing the game when switching to it.
-modified : increased every bullets damage by 0.5, it's a subtle change so the impact is not too much on the WW4 type of gameplay i want, but it allows some more balancing with the armor system.
-added : Ammo crates for West, East and Everon weapons, available in Empty -> WW4 Ammo
-modified : WW4 Cars use now the same machinegun as the WW4 Armors
-fixed : wrong unitinfotype for the WW4 BRDM that was not displaying the ammo count

Require the WW4 Modpack 2.5 available on ModDB :

As usual, comments, questions, discussions and reports about the WW4 Modpack 2.5 can be found here :

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