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In this update you could take a look at the dark side of Wreckage...

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Do you hear the rain water dripping on the dirty floor, the muffled screams and explosion of heavy battles from out there?
That's the sound of the dark side of Wreckage, let's herald the grand final together!


Wreckage - Leveldesign

Wreckage - Leveldesign Part 2

Wreckage - Night overview

Wreckage - Action at night

Wreckage - Leveldesign Part 2

Wreckage - Leveldesign

Tell us your feedback and stay tuned for the next update! :D

Joazzz - - 874 comments

The lighting is just so pretty...

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Mkilbride - - 2,784 comments

I really can't compliment Crysis mods, because well, it's just so easy, my modder friends said you can make a pretty map within a few days, compared to most Engines where you need to take months.

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Chrjs Author
Chrjs - - 298 comments

I can't say anything about other engines, because Crysis is the first game I ever used to build my mods, but at the end, I think everything is about the ideas and their realisation.

If an engine is more comfortable to use, I would change to it immediately.
For my last map rainy days I worked on it every day and needed about one and a half year for one and a half hour playtime. And only for the leveldesign without scripts and ai navigation. At this mod I am working since 10 months on the visuals of the levels. So I can't agree with your friends.

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shaftling - - 54 comments

mkilbride: my friends said that jumping from 10th floor is safe. try it.

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Maxivz - - 152 comments

best comment ever

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Gunship_Mark_II - - 4,864 comments

Yeah guys, great job!

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Chrjs Author
Chrjs - - 298 comments

Thanks :)

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