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We need beta testers, if you would like to help, please write us a notice.

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Today is a very exciting day for us because we were able to play through the whole mod the first time.
Finally our trilogy is getting to an end and the final has to rumble!

If you would like to help us, to tell us your opinion and search for bugs and if your pc isn't the best of all new machines (standard 2010 is great) just write a notice under this news.
We need two beta testers, the test will start in the next two weeks.

And if you've never heard about Wreckage, check out our page and make you ready for massive news updates in the next time. :)

What the hell is Wreckage?

Wreckage which is a modification for Crysis Wars could be played by everyone. There are so many ingenious mods on the way, but without the original game it's not possible to enjoy them all - we have the remedy!

Just download your Crysis:Wars copy from and you're able to play Crysis:Wars mods. :)

Thats the reason why we changed to this Crytek game, and if you've never heard about Wreckage, take a look at our site. :)

Duruk - - 447 comments

Duruk is signing up for the beta testing. My pc is 1 year old.
64 bits, 12 gig memory, will post the rest of the specs when I get home.
Can speak English, Dutch and I understand German and can write a bit German.

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Aviatorboy - - 256 comments

im signing up too :D hope i get picked

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Lоnerboner - - 8,303 comments

I may want to test too if i can, my specs are 2 GTX275 in SLI, 6GB DDR2 ram, and a Q9550 @3,4GHz.

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SIGILL - - 1,157 comments

So if I understand correctly you don't want someone with a newer PC? :( For example a GTX570 and i7 2600k?

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Duruk - - 447 comments

Here are my specs:
Radeon HD 5870, Intel i7 920, 12gig DD3 ram.

And I have an old pc (3 years old bought when Crysis came out)

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SPY-maps - - 2,905 comments

normally i never sign up for beta testing, but i have been tracking this one for quit some time now and i would love to test it for you guys.
i am a leveldesigner for 10+ years now myself what could be helpful, and beside that i always play games and mods very carefully. testing is a skill that not much people know how to do well. and without bragging i can say that i am quit a good tester.
my specs are more then enough, dual core 2.4 Ghz, 4 MB ddr3 with a ENGTX275 NVidea card.
just say the word and i will test it, i have more then enough time to do so, what makes that i can test it immediately very thoroughly.


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s87 - - 112 comments

Good decision to move to CW... will definitely check it out when it gets released.

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Erndog2k - - 40 comments

q6600 @3.6ghz 1600fsb win764x
P5Q-Pro Turbo
Nvidia 460 768mb EVGA Bios Update to SC ed.
2X 460's with sli Patch unstable tho one is good enough
2x2gb OCZ Gold 1066 @ 801 for 1:1 with Cpu more Stable
=A beast of a machine still good for 3 years

I would luv to test your game and give input into any bugs n glitches I may find

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Chrjs Author
Chrjs - - 298 comments

It's very nice to see your offered help to make Wreckage as bugfree as it's possible, we really appreciate this.

Duruks three years old pc and the one of SPY-maps have the perfect configuration for the tests. I'll send you further informations in the next days. ;D

Erndog2k, s87, Metalspy, L☢Ner1☭™ and aviatorboy1996, thanks for your offer, I hope this test assures that Wreckage runs great on every pc, so I had to look for the right pc specs. :)

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presetfreund - - 8 comments

Hi, have been playing & enjoying The Harbour and Rainy Days and would like to help you out as a beta-tester (as well as play Wreckage ;)

PC 2 years old, XP Service Pack 3
Intel Core2Duo 6420at2.13GHz
Geforce GTS 250


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Chrjs Author
Chrjs - - 298 comments

Hi presetfreund, glad to read that, but two beta testers are enough, stay tuned for Wreckage. :)

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Duruk - - 447 comments

Can't wait to test it. Thnx for the heads up.

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