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Know everything about the enemie behind you. An update about the ai navigation.

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Hello again!

For a change our teammember Jaco makes an update today. You have seen several areas of developments so far. But now it's difficult to show you the remaining parts without spoiling to much.
Because of that this update will be separated in two steps.

The first one shows you some "side by side" screenshots of known locations with and without AI- helpers.
The second one consists of a speed mapping video regarding "AI mapping" using the example of "Rainy Days". But see for yourselves.

Comparison screens

Wreckage - AI navigation III
Wreckage - AI navigation II
Wreckage - AI navigation

Speedmapping video

I hope you enjoyed it - see you. :D

TheUnabridgedGamer - - 1,671 comments

ah -- so Crysis uses a similar AI mapping tool to Battlefront. At least Cry Engine's version isn't just a bunch of boxes that you have to awkwardly move around so that the AI don't run into something.

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SabreXT - - 296 comments

I know nothing of either. Whats the gist of how it works? Half Life 2 uses nodes the NPCs can run between and have cover marked out. How do those games work?

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SabreXT - - 296 comments

Mappers always make it seem so easy.

Question. In the first half of a video when you are doing some kind of boarder, why are the building done in extreme detail, but rocks and just given a rough outline?

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Chrjs Author
Chrjs - - 298 comments

The topic is to detailled to explain it in a few sentences. If you're interested in a closer view, take a look at the CryEngine documentation. :)

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