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Worry of Newport lies on the doorstep. It is almost done: So, what are we doing, and what is left?

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Hello everyone. Jason and I extend our greetings, and want to let you know we are almost done--to a degree. A week long delay, due to yours truly moving to a new house, has cut deeply into development time and we're racing rapidly to make up the lost time. We still sit at 9% completion, but that 5% is still quite a lot. As such, release has been (delayed) extended to June 8th-June 10th. We can only promise a more polished experience now due to some technical advancements in Sandbox 2 I've discovered.

  • Part 1 Remake has been removed from this page, and soon all sites after one month. Goodbye, its been nice! 1.3 thousand downloads, 8.4 rating were the final stats. Thanks so much for your support everyone.
  • Part 2 lies at 95% completion, with the last scene, Newport Colony, being the final step to finalization. After that, we do polishing and bug testing, then its gold.
  • Yonaton Habte's Soundtrack is gone, and will not come back due to it no longer being supported or accurate to the atmosphere.
  • Worry of Newport will be released as a single download on June 8th-10th. What this means is you only need to install one folder to Crysis/Mods, and beating Part 1 will automatically load Part 2, or you can manually skip to part 2 via console.

The Direcor's Cut is the final--I mean it this time--version of Part 1. Every single scene is the same as before, just enhanced. Jason and I felt the quality in Part 1 was too heavily off balance (low) compared to the polished, retail-level approach of Part 2. Thus, we did the following, and are happy with the results:

  • Total enhancement to graphics quality and atmosphere, while keeping the original design nearly the same. Ambiance like swinging electrical wires, wind gusts, buoys, destruction and more. Enhanced texture work, vegetation design, more accurate lighting, optimized performance... I could go on and on.
  • Improved every single "scene". The dockhouse scare is intense, realistic, and engrossing. The garage sequence is now a stealth sequence as intended. Every little scare has a buildup and camera or sanity effect. Cutscenes, an intro, outro, and middle bridge, have been added.
  • All narrator audio has been boosted to be clearer, and three new diary entries have been added.
  • The previously optional section, Hamlet, has been expanded into a large town as originally intended with tons of ambiance and night life and creepiness. The mystery is now quite heavy inside it, and its solving is still optional, however.
  • Superior and bug free ending cutscene with monumentally enhanced atmosphere and logic behind it. It doesn't just "end" now, it ties into Part 2 better.

This means that even if you've played Part 1 - Remake, you probably need to play Part 1 Director's Cut to get the "whole experience" leading to Part 2. But the main reason the Remake has been deleted is because confusion has to be avoided when we release the whole thing.

For those of you who are new, Worry of Newport is a Partial Conversion of Crysis. It uses an entirely new story, setting, characters, atmosphere, and game play approach but uses Crysis--and community--vegetation, props, and assets.

The story concerns Newport Colony and it's tragic, spooky history as a 20th century fishing colony. Its entirely self written, with all original characters, dialog, concept, and both the protagonist, and the antagonist's wife, are fully voiced. Edgar Gray, the antagonist, is not voiced. His silent replies to the omnipotent conversation are left to the imagination. The characters are the aforementioned Edgar Gray, the antagonist, who has doomed Newport to death after a failed ritual to gain full power over an ancient deity and many fish-like creatures that live in the Atlantic, The Protagonist, our memoryless and vindicated hero (the player) on the hunt for Edgar Gray in the ruined shell of Newport, and Aoife Hall, Gray's mysterious and downtrodden wife whose diary entries from a time long past holds the key to her husband's madness. There is also Alan Marsh, a secondary hero and once best friend of Edgar Gray's, whom he betrays, but he is not voiced and is minor.

Worry of Newport is a playable narration, with no combat, a few puzzles, but mostly exploring, reading, and listening. It has oft been compared to Dear Esther, which I have only recently played, and I do not support the comparison. If I had to slap a label on it, I'd say its a deadset Horror-Mystery with subtle romance undertones in Part 2 due to the heavy character triangle. Worry of Newport is much more like Lovecraft meets And Then There Were None meets Myst than Dear Esther.

Worry of Newport spans a massive story and narrative, totaling at about four hours of game play. Again, it will be released in whole, intact, June 8th-10th alongside Part 2's Soundtrack.

I hope you've all enjoyed this update and I have plans to upload a slew of new screenshots tomorrow afternoon. In the mean time, the latest official trailer should suffice. Check out some of the new Part 1 and Part 2 footage in there!

KillerTruffle - - 9 comments

I can only presume that "9% completion" was meant to be "95%?"

The mod *is* almost done folks...

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C-zom Author
C-zom - - 599 comments

Nonsense, its 9% completion! All the content is a lie!

Erm, yes, it did mean 95%. Silly typo. :'( Its almost done, its so close to completion.

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Tanshaydar - - 489 comments

I'm one of the people who makes the comparison, I don't think it's a bad thing since this mod is off-grid from the "B-bl-bloody screen! S-so real!" summed up gaming industry.

As a big fan of Lovecraft, I'm proud to say this mod satisfies me. Yes, this is a big compliment :P

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Sharkz - - 131 comments

Keep it up, really looking forward to it!

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Opinionator - - 1,099 comments

I so want to be scared!!!

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