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Some of the latest segmented enemies featured in Cosmonator

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We've been spending a lot of time perfecting the movement and behaviour of our beloved Worm type enemies, who appear in all shapes and sizes throughout the game. There are now already seven different Worm enemies (including one boss and two minibosses), with more planned to come in future updates!


Worms are segmented enemies, so they consist of multiple components that move around following the head in a snake-like motion. They roam around, moving from one random point on the screen to the next, and so it's not just their bullets that pose a threat, but their move pattern as well! Worst of all, if you destroy one of the middle segments of a worm, you split the worm in two and then both parts move around independently, doubling the threat and shooting at you from different angles simultaneously.


This and the fact that all of a worm's segments are usually closely bound together (especially while it's turning around or not moving too fast) opens up the playing field for some interesting strategic approaches to worm battles. Since various kinds of worm enemies pop up in so many of Cosmonator's levels, knowing how to do damage to them becomes an essential part of mastering the game! Most importantly, you'll really benefit from having some kind of splash damage attack in order to deal with worms efficiently. This can be in the form of a well-timed area of effect spell like Fireball or Poison Wind; or you can rely on passive upgrades like Napalm Missiles, Chem Missiles - or even the Phase Barge feat. Alternatively you can simply focus fire on worms' head segments (which are usually more dangerous than their body segments) before taking out the body components one by one.


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