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A real-time collaborative development system with advanced free (even commercially) tools.

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World of Hello is a real-time collaborative development system that allows you build full-scale applications without a development environment.

Simply download World of Hello on either PC or Android to get started.

There is support for...
- 3D objects and models, including animations and bones, collision detection, etc.
- 2D images, including color manipulation, collision, animations, etc.
- Sounds and background music.
- Easy-to-use dynamic networking. Send your own messages and create your own dedicated server. Set up keys so messages get sent to specific clients. Send online objects in real-time with code as simple as a single line.
- Cross-platform play. Allow PC and mobile users to play together at the same time.
- Elements (buttons, listboxes, text, scrollbars, etc).

Hello is totally free to use and to build, even commercially. When you update code and images on your computer, they are automatically updated for everyone else, too. This means if you're designing an app using your smartphone, you can switch to your PC at any time to continue development.

Likewise, you can push updates instantly to connected users. So if you release an app, and then make a bug fix, the user won't have to install any updates, and won't even have to restart the game, in order to get the bug fix.

Set user permissions, allowing you to create a development team. Give certain users access to file changes, code changes, user-permission changes, property changes, etc.

By uploading new assets to the server, users will only get the downloads in an as-needed basis. This way, it minimizes storage usage. For example, by uploading a 3D model, users will not get the download until the model is displayed in-game. Otherwise, if you want the user to download the files first, you can code that in.

World of Hello can be used for any type of application, not just games.

Whether it's a 2D platformer, a 3D MMO, an app to store client information, a GUI chat tool, etc.

Play games created by other users by downloading World of Hello and giving it a try.
Either on the Google Play Store:
Or through my website for PC:

The ultimate goal is to teach the world to code.
From the average person, to children and students, to inmates looking to contribute to society, everyone can learn to code.

Here are a few games you can play by downloading World of Hello. You can even build them yourself!

Code in real-time, whether you're on mobile or PC

Play games created using World of Hello, like this level editor MMO

Collaboratively drag-and-drop and code elements.

Create powerful, fast, games.

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