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Woo, Hammer is working again, and Other news things

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So, Hammer finally wants to work, So I've started progress on the mod again. I had originally planned to just scrap this mod all together, but I decided to start working on it again.

I'm still in need of a coder, but I think we can do without one for a bit now, just to get the mapping atleast Half way done.



Please be very careful with needing a coder to get your mod finished because finding coders these days for HL2 (and eps) mods is near impossible, believe me. From all modders they are the hardest to find.
So, see if you also can finish this mod when you don't find a coder. Otherwise this mod could be falling on the big pile of not finished mods because there was no coder. Sorry, but i really say this with the best intention!!!

much success,
and keep modding, don't let the Source corrupted updates get to you!!!


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