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It's been a while since the last update but I'm happy to say that I've started working on the project again!

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Hello everyone!

I know it's been a while since I last posted anything here but study did get in the way and that comes first.

I'd like to mention that I've started working on the project again and also, during the last few months I have gathered a fair few nifty ideas that I would like to use later on. I've listed some key features that I'd like to develop now as a basis for the game:

  • I'm currently working on breaking a world into chunks so that there is less of the world loaded into RAM and also so that a world's size is limitless (excluding computer bottlenecks.)
  • Along with the chunks, I will develop a new renderer to handle ambient lighting and point lights. This will include 'per frame' lighting updates not just 'update on change' so it feels more dynamic and living.
  • I'm going to implement a new animation process where I will develop a 3D model of the sprite, focus on a side for viewing, animate the 3D model, export each frame as an image, then create a sprite sheet from the resulting flow of movement. I have tried this technique out a few times before and it seemed to work well (seeing as I am not a very good pixel artist.)
  • There will be an implementation of artificial intelligence or at least getting other moving objects into the game so you can interact with something.
  • I'd like to develop a networking and profile framework as a fundamental feature of the game. Later on I would like to extend this to allow players to form a group and play together on their world or a shared world.

After these fundamental features have been developed I'd like to spend time working on these:

  • A focus on different gameplay mechanics. Such as: building a structure and then reinforcing it to provide better shelter; survival features such as food and possibly water; having to cook food by a campfire or having to filter water so it's drinkable;
  • Story development; the player will be able to form alliances with characters/players within the game and develop their own story. Every path your player takes will be documented for everyone to see. So whether or not you're the dungeon destroyer or research fanatic, you can choose what to do. This will also include group achievements.

I'm really excited to get some of these features started and hopefully I have enticed a few people to watch for forthcoming updates and features. I really hope this will start to get some more interest from the public as I think some ideas are really unique and may be really fun as well!

Stay tuned!

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