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The second WIP of Hot and Bothered is ready for the public! See the full article for the link.

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Map-related work is underway for the mod at long last. The main focus of this WIP is the bosses and their arenas, of which all five are as close to done as I can make them for the time being. Below is how you can access them yourself.

First off, be sure that you are playing the mod in DOOM II or FreeDOOM Phase 2. Load the mod files, being sure to include rc-CustomMapTextures.wad. The wad used to be Textures34.wad, but I changed the name so it would make more sense as to why it's there. If you are using ZDL, select "BOSSTEST" from the Map drop-down menu. Otherwise, once the game starts, enter "map bosstest" into the console.

From first to last, the teleporters will take you to the Overlord, Ogre, Arachnorb Queen, Motherdemon, and Terminator. Without any sequence breaking, this is the order you will encounter these bosses in the finished campaign.

Here are some numbers regarding the bosses.

  • Overlord - 40,000 health, 2 phases, 6 attacks per phase
  • Ogre - 60,000 health, 3 phases, 3-4 attacks per phase
  • Arachnorb Queen - 160,000 health, 3 phases (for now), 2-4 attacks per phase
  • Motherdemon - 375,000 health, 5 phases, 4 attacks per phase
  • Terminator - 600,000 health, 5 phases, 3-6 attacks per phase


The preview image shows the Terminator's arena. Below is a preview image of all the arenas. Note that these aren't quite finished.

Screenshot Doom 20200411 143108Screenshot Doom 20200411 143146Screenshot Doom 20200411 143227Screenshot Doom 20200411 143419Screenshot Doom 20200405 113915

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