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The team has now started into the pre-production phase of development! If you wish to help on this project...

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Hello one and all! We have some exciting news to share! while it is true that the team is only two people strong, we are hard at work into what is know as the pre-production phase, where we have almost no idea what were doing, but were doing it anyway! Of course I'm joking we know exactly what we're doing but it is troublesome working with only two people (A modeler and a tester.) Sure it can work but it's not very practical. If any of you guys know how to or are good at drawing detailed concept art, modeling (with blender 2.49b or other reputable software), coding in C++, or a talented musician (With full orchestral abilities or at least good editing software) then please! Drop us a line at
Although in the meantime, it is nearing the end of our school year, meaning less and less things to do, so, to all of you who are eager to see what we've been doing the past couple of months, you're in for a treat coming June 1st. So stick with us and have a nice end of the school year!

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