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A small post here to share some quick screens of the recent update that brought most of the ported mutants into the mod... They look great and the team are still getting the kinks worked out, but this really brings the Atmosphere to a whole new level!

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Hello Everyone,

I am taking a break from my personal storytime to share with you all some screens I took of a recent couple patches - bringing the ported mutants from the GSC games into Arma 3 and into the server, while the team works to get them up to speed with correct logic and animations. Currently only the big guys can kill, but they are limited in how they spawn from what I understand.

20170217151731 1

20170217151745 1

20170217151817 1

20170217151915 1

20170217151942 1

These screens show some new armor added, and some new variants of weapons

20170217150944 1

^Please dont mention the helmet looking sub-standard here - it's a gag placeholder from before they really had Clear Sky uniforms...

20170217151546 1

^The Armor shown in the Model dismemberment article is in the game now with many color varaints.

20170301115430 1

Shasta here is modeling the new variants of AK-74, AK-74GL, and AK-74s

20170301115634 1

20170301120010 1

20170301120308 1

More to come in the March Development Newsletter due on the 10th! Thanks Everyone!!!


Looking good!

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LLIacTa Author

Thank You!

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I like it a lot!

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LLIacTa Author

Great to hear - the team are still working hard to polish the animations and logic!

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