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Work continues on 2.0

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Quick check in to say I'm still alive and working!

No ETA on Version 2 yet, but I'm getting there. Here's some stuff regarding what's to come:


Progress is currently being impeded by some issues with the achievement system. I am in the process of working through this problem. Achievements overall have been fun and tricky to implement - I still haven't tested them and that's because of this other issue I have.

The achievement names are up but I'm going to be keeping their goals hidden for now in case I have to end up changing / tweaking them.

Bugs / Changes

A huge bug was highlighted to me today by the community. Players appear to be able to kill the hunter in the pre-fight before the final map. This is game-breaking as killing the hunter prevents the player from progressing. This will be addressed in one way or another.

I'm also aware of players thinking they have to use objects to block the lasers in Chapter 4. This is my own fault, for not properly conveying to players that they need to use the AR2's alt fire on the big lights on the walls. The first time you encounter one of these laser walls now, you're forced to use the AR2 alt fire to progress. There are some bits I've added and I hope I've made it clearer for new players.

Some of you may have noticed that the current client runs with the name 'EntropyZeroOLD', this is a remnant of iteration testing and will be corrected with v2.0.

In order to accommodate the achievements, some maps have extra nooks and crannies to explore. These aren't huge expansions but they further add to the flavor of the maps which will in turn reward players who discover them.

If you kill the Cops at the start of the game now, the game should end.

The final boss may be receiving a health reduction to make that final bit easier.

LDR Cubemaps are being built for all maps so players with lower graphical settings won't get the dreaded purple squares!

Everything Else

I'm starting to write lore/plans for deployments and how they might pan out. There are some other bits I'd like to explore too. All of this takes time, as I'm a one-man-band, so please be patient regarding that.

Finally, I took some advice and got a Twitter account the other day. You can follow me here. I also post on Facebook too occasionally.

That's all for now!


You have something good here (Bar the issues I had playing the game on easy when it first came out lol), I'd actually pay for more content like more chapters or something.

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Breadman_at_Hartley Author

Sadly I don't own a Source licence, so there's no way I can gain revenue from this project. It's a delicate subject as I could really benefit from that return/reward (I have so little time because 90% of my life is working), but at the same time this is just a mod.

I'm not sure If I'd be doing myself any favors charging people for it.

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I don't think the final boss needs a nerf. Vorts aren't that hard to avoid, given their delay in attacks.

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Sorry for my bad english. (I'm from Russia) This modification really surprised me! This is a terrific mod! Very well everything is worked out, hands, sounds, voice (as it should be in the oreginal game). It's a pity that not everyone knows this modification, but even for one me, I want to say thank you very much! It seems that Valve was doing this addition. I advise all my friends this modification, cool! Thanks again!

When I play with low graphics settings, then without the effect of bloom appear violet textures, and with the effect of bloom they are not there! I hope you fix it.
We spread this mod with friends, and of course we are waiting for the game as Combine Soldier (the main long company, but without fatigue), thanks a lot!

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