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After summer pause I'm back at work to update 12 animated portraits in pixel art featured in the upcoming alpha 0.3!

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Avatar Box Dialogues_2018

Hello Wizards & Sorceresses,

nice to see you again!

After the summer pause here we go again, hardcore working on Wizards of Unica to finalize its assets and dev!

After my last self-challenges to paint hundreds of assets in few weeks, this time I needed to refine avatars for our characters' roster.<!--more-->

Here you can see the avatars first drafts, back in 2015.

WDAllStars 1000_01WDAllStars 1000_02WDAllStars 1000_03

12 avatars' draft for Wizards of Unica (2015)

I was quite happy with them when they came out, but in these 3 years of reworking on various assets, also these portraits needed some treatment.

My skills as pixel artist and animators increased, so I knew I could have done better than this. More, most of the portraits were unbalanced, so that when mirrored they were losing their allure. (I'm too lazy right now to show you mirrored samples, but you can do it old fashioned: take a mirror and look my 2015 avatars into it. You will see what I'm talking about).


Exekiel rough animation (2015)

Even the first Exekiel's avatar animation revealed to be too rough by the knowledge matured in these years following amazing people on Twitter (remember: following hundreds of committed pro artists can grant you daily inspiration and free art lessons!)

So I gave myself a week and started to rework the whole avatars' set, starting with Exekiel, and once the style was attuned, I kept going with the others.


Exekiel, reworked animation (2018)


Truce, Guardian Spirit (2018)


Fuqtus, Prince of 79 Efreets of Salomon (2018)


Skrymir, The Jotun (2018)

I finalized the whole set of avatars, and soon I'm gonna show you more, but these are the portraits that will be present in our upcoming alpha version 0.3! Can't wait to release it and get your feedback!

So follow us on Twitter and subscribe Wizards of Unica dev blog to never miss updates and release and many thanks for your passion and support!


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