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Witcher Kings is a total conversion for Crusader Kings 2 set in the universe of The Witcher. Witcher Kings v0.9.1 is now released, compatible with CK2

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Hi folks,

With the surprise vanilla (almost) summer patch that broke the mod, we had to rush a bit this release.
I'd like to welcome TerryDuke to the mod team, and thank him for his help on testing and bugfixes !

Automatic .exe installer (Windows)

Witcher Kings 0.9.1 - Manual Install

or manual .zip install (Windows/Mac/Linux)

Witcher Kings 0.9.1 - Windows Installer

Compatible with:
Checksum: (TTCB)
It is save-compatible with Witcher Kings 0.9.0.

For questions and more information on the mod, checkout first the Witcher Kings wiki page.

The mod is now also available on CK2 Steam Workshop

Witcher map font

This release also contains a little bonus: an optional sub-mod to make the map font more "witcher-esque".

realm mapmode

The font is named thewitcher, by Ioanna Ladopoulou (JoannaVu) -

religion mapmode

The font only supports standard letters and punctuations, so I've mapped accentuated characters to their non-accentuated equivalent (there's only a few in Witcher Kings).
The mod also contains a small localization patch for 3 provinces with "œ" or "æ" characters, which are not supported by the font.

kingdom mapmodeculture mapmode

Helping with the mod

The potential of the mod is huge, and we're desperately lacking manpower, while there's still a lot of ideas to be implemented ! You can help by:

  • reporting bugs
  • giving suggestions, ideas and feedback (balance, fun, ...)
  • doing some modding (scripting, events, map, history,...). If you're interested you can get an idea of the potential tasks by browsing the opened issues on the Github repository and contact me.

Known bugs:

  • AoK events don't fire after resigning (you need to restart the game)
  • There are kingdom de jure drift issues, due to mage towers and Thanedd Isle.
  • Some vassals become independent after a civil war (seems to be a vanilla bug )

Full changelog

v0.9.1 2018-06-15

Compatibility with vanilla #95

This release is save-compatible with previous v0.9.0

- Add an optional sub-mod to change the map font to a font inspired by the Witcher games.
- Add pre-rendered portrait for Filavandrel #53

- Make AI court mage less likely to cast spells #13
- Fix dryad pregnancy trait removal and disable concubines
- Workaround Henselt claim no longer working in character history, causing war to invalidate
- Remove obedience from charm spell effects as too powerful (will come back a separate spell)
- Prevent mage to charm oneself
- Fix nomad_adopt_feudalism decision causing endless notifications about founding of Hakland #77
- Adapt GetReligiousPerson, GetTrueReligionPerson and GetReligionAdherent to support canon religions #91
- Add sorcerer to ruler designer
- Fix GetHouseOfWorship and GetReligiousRite flickering when hovering over a religious building #86
- Add localization for NOT_ANY_COURTIER_STARTS #85
- Workaround Filavandrel getting a child portrait, by changing his age #53
- Fix typo in sunset watcher event description (VTDESCmisc.120) #87
- Remove mention of Europe in event text #81
- Fix grammar issues in loading tips #78
- Clarify which fertile trait is being referenced by cure infertility ambition #74
- Fix typo sorceress minor title description #75

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Ra30R3 - - 397 comments

Sorry but new fonts look awful, it's all curly and wry.

Good update by the way.

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romulien Author
romulien - - 130 comments

No worries, I know fonts can be a very divisive topic :)
It'll stay optional anyway.

Reply Good karma+6 votes
Daehet - - 2 comments

Hey, I'd like to know if it is possible to play multiplayer with this mod ? :)

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romulien Author
romulien - - 130 comments

It should be possible, I haven't seen specific issues reported.

Reply Good karma+1 vote
Daehet - - 2 comments

When I try, i have a problem. There's no characters on the map, i can't select a character !

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mat5030 - - 103 comments

clicks on the download button and wait xD

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