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Witcher Kings is a total conversion for Crusader Kings 2 set in the universe of The Witcher. Witcher Kings v0.9.0 is now released, compatible with CK2

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Hi folks,

This release is simply a compatibility and bugfix update (which is long overdue given CK2 2.8 released 6 months ago already...), sadly without any new major feature.

Good news is that I've fixed some nasty bugs, including a random crash due to an infinite loop during magic education events.

A "W3 update" is still in the pipe, but there hasn't been any progress on that lately, so I don't know when it'll be ready.

Automatic .exe installer (Windows)

Witcher Kings 0.9.0 - Windows Installer

or manual .zip install (Windows/Mac/Linux)

Witcher Kings 0.9.0 - Manual Install

Compatible with:
Checksum: (UCRX)
It is NOT save-compatible with Witcher Kings 0.8.1.

For questions and more information on the mod, checkout first the Witcher Kings wiki page.

NEW: The mod is now also available on CK2 Steam Workshop

Helping with the mod

I'll start with a call for help: the potential of the mod is huge, and we're desperately lacking manpower, while there's still a lot of ideas to be implemented !

You can help by:

  • reporting bugs
  • giving suggestions, ideas and feedback (balance, fun, ...)
  • doing some modding (scripting, events, map, history,...). If you're interested you can get an idea of the potential tasks by browsing the opened issues on the Github repository and contact me.

Haak invasion

The Haak invasion war wasn't triggering due to an old bug - feudal ruler can't use the tribal invasion CB.

This is now fixed and the invader will have proper government (tribal or nomad) depending on whether Horse Lords expansion is active.

This may give Northern realms some breath, with this serious threat for Nilfgaard.

Haak invasion

From traits to artifacts

CK2 introduced artifacts in patch 2.7 and using traits is no longer needed !

There aren't that many artifacts yet and the pictures are placeholders, but it looks better and reducing trait inflation is always good for the UI:



In addition some Monks & Mystics event artifacts are now enabled (some unsuitable to the lore have been removed).

Wiki links

Many missing links have been added for canon characters when a wikia page exists for them (there are ~255 links now).

Wiki links

Known bugs

  • AoK narrative events don't fire after resigning (you need to restart the game)
  • Filavandrel gets a child portrait (was reported to Paradox)

Full changelog

v0.9.0 2018-05-27

Compatibility with vanilla

This release is NOT save-compatible, in particular due to new vanilla traits from 2.8.

- Make the pre-rendered portrait the default option for game rule Canon Character Portraits
- Enable MnM artifact events, filtering unsuitable artifacts
- Migrate some mod traits into proper artifacts
- Add some religion character modifiers based on patron deity descriptions
- Use nomad mechanics for Haak when Horse Lords DLC is activated
- Add missing wikia links for most canon characters
- Make owned northern kingdom titles become instant de jure when creating The North
- Make owned elven kingdoms titles become instant de jure when creating Hen Caerme
- Make owned dwarven kingdom title become instant de jure when creating Dwarf Empire

- Fix sorcerers that would become vassals of wilderness when leaving mage tower due to negative wealth
- Prevent wilderness from joining defensive pacts, by adding some prestige requirement
- Associate 4 mage towers to their de jure duchy, to avoid staying vassals of wilderness when the kingdom title is destroyed
- Rename witcher culture to witcher_culture, to prevent conflict with cached trait witcher with identical name.
- Fix k_angren not being creatable
- Workaround cultures without random dynasty names to use founder_named_dynasties = yes, to avoid defaulting to "Smith"
- Workaround baronies under auto-generated counts being independent at game start with 2.8
- Fix Haak invasion war not triggering
- Fix random Haak invasions rule still checking for historical dates
- Remove some improper vanilla references ("Rome", "Cathay") in some localization
- Fix an issue when playing an immortal race and giving away a title, causing own courtiers to leave
- Fix a stack-overflow CTD due to guardian refusing magic ward in loop
- Allow racist emperor to nominate a special forces commander
- Trigger some manual pruning for long-lived races in courts


Thanks for updating! Been wanting to try out this mod for a while.

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